Impact Review – EC3 Digs a Hole before Bound for Glory


9/30/15 – Andrew Berg – @WrestleRosters


Drew Galloway and Matt Hardy def. EC3 and Tyrus

TNA found itself in a difficult position when its TV deal became cloudy a few weeks before Bound for Glory. Without certainty that the show would continue on the air after 9/16, the company had to awkwardly end several major storylines prematurely. While the GFW invasion felt the most unwieldy to me, the effect on EC3’s title defense storyline was also very clumsy. TNA steadily built a rivalry between EC3 and both Hardy Boys- with Matt through a series of matches and Jeff through a “personal assistant” agreement that arose out of a match stipulation. Now just days before the PPV, EC3 finds himself in a three-way match with Galloway and Matt with Jeff as the guest referee.


The match came about because Galloway and Matt teamed together with Matt finding his way into the main event if his team could win. While it looked like they might be in trouble when Tyrus made a blind tag, a Twist of Fate by Matt and a shotgun kick by Galloway put him down for the count. After the finish, Dixie Carter announced that Jeff would return as the referee for the match.


The booking for this match has so many logical flaws. First, it defies logic to spend exactly one week building tension between the babyface challenger and the champion for one of the biggest shows of the year. Also, Galloway stood to gain nothing and make his road to the title more difficult by winning, so he looked naïve for helping Matt. Finally, using Jeff as the guest referee when he is the one with a bone to pick with EC3 reinforces the idea that this match has no finality and another challenge is likely on the way. TNA has such a long history of abandoning plans before the come to fruition, so I should not be surprised that the promising EC3-Jeff Hardy story was botched.


Eric Young Takes on the World

Another heel who faces long odds at the PPV is Young, who found himself faced off with Chris Melendez and Robbie E. He tried to run away and Mr. Anderson cut him off. All three wrestlers hit Young with their finishers in the ring, and Young sold them so excessively that he looked like a drunken idiot.


After the segment, the paranoid Young cornered Dixie and asked her for some protection. She said that he only had to worry about one man at BFG, his opponent, Kurt Angle. As with the EC3-Galloway “feud,” we found out about this match merely days before the big event. Young was in a long-running program with Melendez that never had a real ending, but he moves on to face Angle yet again in a match without any discernable stakes.


Other Notes

-Despite the poor build for BFG, I liked the X Division match that saw Trevor Lee beat DJ Z and Tommaso Ciampa. Lee used a spinning cross body to pin DJ Z. The X Division has needed an infusion of more talented for quite some time, and Lee’s possible defection from GFW would be a step in that direction.


-Bobby Roode continued to vacillate between face and heel as he respectfully accepted Lashley’s challenge for the King of the Mountain Title. These two have had good matches throughout the year and have enough history that the match makes sense, even though it is also on short notice.


-Manic and Abyss turned on James Storm as he was about to attack Mahabali Shera with a beer bottle. The disintegration of the Revolution allowed Shera to pick up the win, just as TNA gets ready for its first tour of India.


-The Dollhouse cheated to get a win over the Beautiful People. As Jade tried to break Velvet Sky’s arm on the floor, Rebel blew dust in Madison Rayne’s face. The interference gave Marti Bell time to get the pin. Somehow, the Dollhouse remains just about the only logically booked parts of TNA.