Impact Review – EC3 Enslaves Jeff Hardy


9/9/15 – Andrew Berg – @Wrestle Rosters


EC3 and Tyrus def. Matt Hardy and Rockstar Spud

EC3 made Jeff Hardy’s first week as his personal assistant very unpleasant. First, ordered Hardy to get him a bottle of water and then dumped it on him when it was one degree too warm. Next, he revealed a giant print of his face on a stick and told Hardy to carry it around for the rest of the night.


Jeff held the poster in EC3’s corner when he teamed with Tyrus to face Matt and Spud. The babyface team had to work together to keep the big Tyrus down. Even then, their tandem offense barely took him off of his feet. Outside the ring, EC3 used Jeff as a human shield from Matt and hit Matt with a low blow. He ordered Jeff to hit Spud with a hair, but Jeff refused. Nonetheless, the disruption let Tyrus recover and he knocked Spud out with a big right hand to get the pin.


As expected, EC3 was perfectly loathsome as Jeff’s “master.” The only qualm I had this week was that it was not entirely clear what would happen to Jeff if (and when) he failed to follow EC3’s commands. I hope that this storyline gets enough time for Jeff to build real frustration and anger because it could result in a very good rivalry between the two at the end.


The Wolves def. Trevor Lee and Brian Myers to Become Tag Team Champions

The Wolves lost their Tag Team Titles a week ago due to a screwjob finish and it looked like this match might be headed in the same direction. After Lee misfired with a running knee and hit his partner, the Wolves used their powerbomb-back cracker combination to put Lee down. When the referee reached two, Sonjay Dutt pulled him out of the ring to prevent the conclusion of the match.


Earl Hebner suddenly emerged from backstage to defend TNA and get retribution for getting clocked by the GFW team last week. The Wolves hit Lee again, this time with a kick-tombstone combination, and Hebner counted the three. I wrote last week that I though the Wolves could branch out of their ho-hum tag team run after losing the titles, so I was not thrilled to see them put back on the same track. This story should have played out over several weeks to create some personal animus between the teams. It also does no favors to either team to have the titles hot shot back and forth between them.


Other Notes

-The show’s nominal main event pitted Chris Mordetzky against Drew Galloway in a lumberjack match with the Lethal Lockdown man-advantage on the line. When a brawl broke out between the lumberjacks, Jeff Jarrett came to the ring with a guitar. Eric Young stole the guitar, but hit Galloway with it instead, presumably aligning himself with GFW.


-Karen Jarrett talked Jeff down from a fight with Bobby Roode by pointing out that he just has to wait one week until the match with control of TNA on the line. I know that the larger purpose of the segment was to develop more tension between Roode and Jarrett, but I’m not sure how this interaction accomplished that.


-Brooke and Gail Kim were having a solid Knockouts Title match until Lei’D Tapa interfered and hit Brooke with the title belt. Awesome Kong came to the ring to neutralize Tapa, so it appears that these four women could be headed toward a multi-woman title match.


-The Dollhouse jumped Madison Rayne backstage and a brawl broke out with the rest of the Beautiful People. It appeared that Angelina Love got hit with a chair off camera, which gave the Dollhouse the upper-hand in this encounter. The segment was basically a throwaway other than to reaffirm that the Beautiful People have reunited.


-Robbie E got the pin on Jessie Godderz in a whirlwind six-man tag match in which he teamed with Tigre Uno and Micah against Eli Drake and Kenny King. The match was such a cluster that it often felt like a six-way match rather than a tag, and there was never any feeling that the result mattered at all.


-Chris Melendez came to the ring on crutches and told Eric Young that he wasn’t done fighting him yet. Young accepted his challenged and offered him the leg back, but shoved him to the ground and mocked him. He vowed that Melendez will never get the leg back and he will end Melendez’s career next time they face off. This angle seemed so absurd when it started that it’s surprising that it is getting Young real heat.