Impact Review – EC3 Gets a New Challenger in Filler Episode


7/29/15 – Andrew Berg – @WrestleRosters


EC3 Prepares for Matt Hardy

This week’s episode of Impact was heavy on buildup for future events and light on actual wrestling. There was more talk than action in programs involve Austin Aries and Rockstar Spud, Jeff Jarrett, and Tigre Uno. Most importantly, EC3 appeared on the show only as a foil for Matt and Jeff Hardy as the elder Hardy challenged EC3 for his recently-won TNA Title.


With an assortment of weapons in the ring, the Hardys agreed that a Full Metal Mayhem match would be the best way to settle the score. Matt added that Bully Ray stipulated that no one could be at ringside for the match to neutralize the advantage EC3 gets from Tyrus. Even if Hardy could have used a bit of momentum to propel him to the title shot, he is the sort of established star who can help validate EC3’s title reign. Although there are problems up and down the TNA card, I like EC3 as a champion and I think his reign is off to a very strong start.


Austin Aries Challenges Rockstar Spud

Aries belittled Spud relentlessly until Bully Ray, as the authority figure, stepped in and suggested that he put something on the line. Ray told Aries that he needs to put his money where his mouth is in the form of his career on the line in a match. Aries said he didn’t have a problem putting his money where his mouth is, but that he wanted Spud to put his “Rockstar” nickname on the line in exchange.


The segment ended with Aries punching Spud in the mouth. As much as I love Aries as a wrestler and even as a character, this story makes little sense. Couldn’t he call himself Rockstar anyway? I suppose the motivation is a way to write him out of TNA, but there must be a more logical way to do it than fighting over a dumb moniker.



Other Notes

-It’s no secret that the James Storm-Magnus program has been an unmitigated disaster- Magnus has said as much in interviews. Nonetheless, the feud was supposed to end in “one more match” for Mickie James, and it took place here in a mixed-tag match with James Storm and Serena (best known for her Straight Edge Society run). Mickie got the pin with a sloppy jumping DDT and planted Storm with one of his own to hopefully end the rivalry for good.


-After Jeff Jarrett was announced as an inductee to the TNA HOF, he gave a tearful speech in which he thanked everyone he knows and focused on his family. Jarrett’s reestablishment is key to the poorly kept secret of the GFW induction. It would probably work better if the story revolved around a wrestler with more to offer in 2015.


-I remain completely mystified by the Eric Young-Chris Melendez program. I’ve never been a big fan of Melendez in the ring, but I don’t see what anyone gains when Young annihilates him every week. This time, Kurt Angle cheered on Melendez from his corner while Young won by piledriver.


-Now that Brooke has won the Knockouts Title from Taryn Terrell, it makes sense that she would continue to struggle with The Dollhouse. She faced a numbers disadvantage in her match with Marti Bell this week until the lights went out and Gail Kim’s music played. The distraction let Brooke hit the Butterface Maker and win the match. It raises the question of whether Gail is targeting Taryn or after Brooke’s title- a question that is one of the more interesting stories in TNA at the moment.


-I get why Tigre Uno would call out Donald Trump to draw some attention to himself amidst Trump’s anti-Mexican comments. On the other hand, it didn’t stave off the creeping impression that the X Division is becoming a destination for comedy. It’s also apparent that Tigre’s English needs some work if he is going to get over as a major star in the US- he sounded much more comfortable in his taped promo in which he spoke Spanish.