Impact Review – Matt Hardy Becomes Center of the Storm

2/2/16 – Andrew Berg – @WrestleRosters


After watching Matt Hardy spend most of his career as a talented second banana, it feels odd to see multiple segments of a wrestling show revolve around him as the centerpiece. That’s the direction TNA has chosen since he took the company’s title from EC3 last month. Hardy and his wife, Reby, joined Tyrus in the ring as they insulted his brother, Jeff, and proclaimed that he was the more talented brother from the start.


Although Jeff was not featured on the show, EC3 made his first appearance since the beating he received from Matt via a taped vignette. It was strange that the more contrite, humble EC3 still taped his promo from a palatial country estate. It was also disappointing to hear him so serious because his sense of humor is possibly his greatest skill. Even so, this promo was his declaration that he wants to regain the TNA Title, so the seriousness made some sense.


Hardy reappeared for a main event match with Kurt Angle. He struggled through most of the match and ate more than a dozen German suplexes from the former champ. When Angle went to the top, Reby grabbed his leg just long enough for Matt to recover. Matt hit a Twist of Fate off of the ropes to get the unclean victory. Matt was so good as a cocky heel in his most recent ROH run that it is good to see TNA incorporating some of the same elements. Whether he ultimately feuds with EC3, Jeff, or both, there is some serious potential in his title reign.


Other Notes

-Trevor Lee beat Tigre Uno to win the X Division Title. He used a fisherman-buster that he held for an inside cradle to get the win. Tigre Uno is a solid wrestler, but neither exceptional in the ring or as a personality. Lee seems to have some charisma and might be able to help reinvigorate a division that has lost a lot of its prestige.


-Mike Bennett interrupted Drew Galloway’s match and ambushed him with his own Feast or Fired briefcase. It makes sense for Bennett to introduce himself as a heel by taking out a well-established babyface, but TNA never bothered to legitimize Galloway, and that shortcut continues to haunt his booking.


-In addition to her work with Bennett, Maria offered to take Gail Kim to new heights of popularity. Although Gail got the better of her with physical intimidation, Maria’s polished mic skills made her stilted delivery seem very awkward.


-It looks like Crazzy Steve has been rechristened as Decay, thus trading in the worst name in wrestling for another pretty bad one. He teamed with Abyss, Bram and Eric Young to win a hardcore match over The Wolves and Beer Money. With The Wolves again out of action, Abyss and Decay could actually see a title run, which I never saw in Crazzy Steve’s future.


-Raquel interrupted Bobby Lashley and once again gave him a choice between pleasure and pain. It was essentially the same segment as last week. It’s also strange to me to put Lashley in this sort of angle after his wife was an on-air personality with the same company.