Introducing the Lucha Underground Depth Chart!


7/1/15 – Andrew Berg – @WrestleRosters




One of the things that makes Roster Resource Wrestling unique is our extensive depth charts for each major American wrestling promotion. This week, we are proud to unveil the addition of a Lucha Underground depth chart. With almost a year of great programming under its belt and Ultima Lucha approaching as its first major showcase, it’s clear that Lucha Underground has a strong foundation. Now it’s time for us to recognize that foundation and discuss how we arrived at the rankings.


Tier One

There should be no debate about Prince Puma or Mil Muertes. While neither had the most impressive resume of LU’s opening day roster, they are a cut above everyone else in the company in terms of what they have accomplished since LU started. It’s fitting that the two finalists at Aztec Warfare are also the two main event competitors for the LU Title at Ultima Lucha.


Alberto El Patron and Johnny Mundo came to the promotion as two bankable stars in their primes. They have crossed paths repeatedly and look likely to do so again at Ultima Lucha. Although neither has been able to capture the LU title, neither needs it, and they will be able to draw on their names and their histories as long as they keep putting on excellent matches.


Hernandez is the wild card in Tier One. His recent return to TNA might prove to be the end of his time in LU. Nonetheless, the time he has spent there has been main event caliber and it is not hard to imagine another cameo at the top of the card.


Tier Two

This tier is where the impressive depth reveals LU’s success at character building. It would be easy for wrestlers like Fenix, Drago, King Cuerno, Big Ryck, and Pentagon to feel like also-rans, but each has had big moments and occupied the top of the card at certain times. Even Cage, who recently lost a match to Aero Star, had such an impressive run after his debut that it’s easy to envision him getting back on a roll.


It says a lot that LU has only needed to dabble in the reflected glory of AAA with established stars like Guerrero, Blue Demon, and Texano. The company knew it needed to build its own stars and used these stars at side dishes to its own main course.


Tier Three

Generally, the wrestlers in Tier Three have had quite a bit of success in the ring without the same presence outside of it. The Trios Champions would have been near the very bottom of these rankings before they teamed up and started to find their groove.


Sexy Star is the most perplexing wrestler in LU to me. A company largely focused on gritty competition constantly features a super heroine in major storylines. Where she has been unimpressive in winning several high profile matches, both Daivari and Aero Star have been more impressive in losing similarly high profile matches, which lands them in the same range.


Tier Four

Down in Tier Four, we start to see wrestlers with unrealized potential- the exception to the rule in LU. The Disciples of Death are all wrestlers whose initial gimmicks did not click in LU. Unfortunately, this trios team has not fared much better to date and will need a major breakthrough in the ring to rise beyond this status.


The Mack and Jack Evans are well-traveled wrestlers who can go one of two ways in the company. It’s possible for them to take what they have learned from years on the road and put their stamp on LU. It’s also possible that they are just good hands who can make the more established LU wrestlers look good while they pass through. Both roles are legitimate and needed in wrestling, but the former is obviously more exciting.


Lastly, both Kill Shot and Super Fly are very young wrestlers with the potential to move up this depth chart over time. If LU remains in its current form and starts to develop its own wrestlers into stars, both of these wrestlers are likely to see their stocks climb.


Tier Five

This group is filled with comedy acts and wrestlers who largely serve as enhancement talent. The only deviation from that script was Dario Cueto’s strangely persistent faith in The Crew, though he has seemingly moved past that opinion. It’s possible that we see more from Black Lotus in the coming months, but she has so far been featured mainly in backstage segments.



Catrina has been outstanding as the manager for Mil Muertes and deserves some of the credit for how impactful his persona has been. Still, if there was any question about who deserves most of the credit, simply look to her less effective Disciples of Death team.


Konnan has also served exclusively as a manager and I would expect him to stay in that role. The tension between the mostly babyface Prince Puma and the generally heelish Konnan has been awkward, though I understand the value in letting Konnan’s legendary status rub off on his protégé.


Finally, it seems increasingly likely that Vampiro might make an entrance onto the active wrestler depth chart with a possible match against Pentagon Jr. His enthusiastic commentary style has grown on me. I don’t have much of an appetite to see him in the ring, but LU has sold me on stories with far less potential before.