Lucha Underground Review – Fenix Rises Again

2/10/16 – Andrew Berg – @WrestleRosters


Fenix remains the only wrestler in LU who has made a dent in Mil Muertes, so Catrina has understandably spent the early part of Season 2 trying to tamp down his insurrection. While she successfully got the Gift of the Gods Title away from him two weeks ago through a King Cuerno challenge, Fenix survived and came back ready to challenge Cuerno or Mil again. Catrina thusly created a Last Luchador Standing match between Cuerno and Fenix with the goal of ending Fenix’s challenge permanently.


The match was crazy and showed Fenix’s ability to sell a beating. He hit two planchas early in the match, but the tide turned when he missed a suicide dive. Cuerno smashed him into the barricades and everything else around the ring, much like Mil did when the two faced last year. Fenix kept fighting back and hit a pair of planchas, only for Cuerno to answer with a suicide headbutt out of the corner of the ring. Cuerno set up a ladder against the wall of Catrina’s office and a table beneath it. The wrestlers fought their way up the ladder until Fenix kicked it backwards and Cuerno fell menacingly through the table. He could not answer the count, and Fenix go the win.


I love the simmering tension between Fenix and Mil. With Pentagon and Prince Puma already lined up as viable challengers to the title, their long-standing rivalry can develop at whatever pace best suits the show. The three week arc between Fenix and Cuerno also demonstrates how good LU is at creating stakes and excitement continuously. Neither Fenix nor Cuerno was a true main eventer for LU going into Season 2, yet they headlined the first month in an exciting, meaningful way.


Kobra Moon def. Bengala

After in introductory vignette earlier in the season, Kobra Moon wrestled her first match against one of LU’s true jobbers. She used snake-like movements and lots of fluid kicks to offset her smaller stature. Bengala answered with headbutts and kicks of his own, but when he missed a moonsault, Kobra locked him in a modified dragon sleeper to force the submission. LU has a mixed track record of incorporating women in their storylines (Ivelisse? Good. Sexy Star? Not good.), so the jury is very much out on Kobra Moon.


Jack Evans def. Drago

Drago emerged from Season 1 with some very big wins over the likes of Aerostar and Hernandez, so he looked like the clear favorite over the lower-tier Evans. Their match moved at a predictably insane pace, but Evans introduced some character to it with heelish biting, mask pulling, and taunting. Drago hit a big plancha. When he tried his Dragon Lair pin, Evans countered into a backslide with his feet on the ropes to get the upset victory. After the win, he arrogantly announced himself as “The Dragonslayer” to massive boos from the live crowd. Leave it to LU to find a way to take a talented, yet moderately successful veteran and find a way to instantly flip the switch to nuclear heat. Evans getting over as a heel is expert storytelling.


Other Notes

-Dario Cueto’s meta-storyline has taken place outside of the temple, exclusively in pre-taped vignettes. This week, “Detective” Ricky Reyes gave his police captain a report on his undercover work in the Temple, and she assigned him a partner as he returns. If getting Evans over was surprising, then creating real intrigue over a member of The Crew (possibly Season 1’s greatest failure) is nothing short of a miracle.


-A short promo from a bar reintroduced Texano as a beer-swilling Mexican brawler with a vendetta against Chavo Guerrero. Talented as Texan is, his Season 1 work was inconsistent.


-Aerostar talked about time traveling while looking strikingly like a Power Ranger.