Lucha Underground Review – Gift of the Gods on the Line

5/18/16 – Andrew Berg – @WrestleRosters


Chavo Guerrero Wins the Gift of the Gods Title

The Gift of the Gods qualifying matches took second billing for the last several weeks, but it was clear in the opening minutes that it would be the main attraction this week. Dario Cueto elaborately introduced each of the seven luchadores before the match to place their medallions in the Gift of the Gods belt. The last slot was reserved for Cage, but Chavo Guerrero had stolen his medallion. Cage waited for Chavo, who came to the ring with a chair. Cage seized a canvas bag from Chavo, but found that the medallion in it was a fake. Instead, Chavo put the legitimate medallion in the belt and entered the match. Cage was enraged and hit Chavo with Weapon X at the end of the segment.


When the match finally started, Chavo Guerrero and Joey Ryan teamed up against Sexy Star. The Mack came to her rescue and helped her with tandem hurricanranas before they squared off themselves. Aerostar and Texano took center stage next with a speed vs. power contrast. Aerostar started a string of planchas that also got Siniestro de la Muerte involved. Everyone got involved with finishers in the center of the ring, but before anyone could go for a cover, Cage returned to the ring.


Although Cage’s main grievance was with Chavo, he took out every other luchador in the ring with his tremendous power. He threw them all to the outside and then tossed Sexy Star on top of them. He hit a piledriver on Ryan and dragged Chavo’s lifeless body on top for the cover. Cage gave Chavo the belt and announced that he would face Chavo for the title next week.


Chavo has been an extremely effective heel in LU because he has been an unadulterated weasel. There has yet to be an instance where Chavo looked strong, which makes it that much more aggravating for fans to see him win. Meanwhile, Cage has been the exact opposite- he has been fearless and almost impossible to damage, but without much to show for it. A dominant win by Cage for the GOTG belt would mean more than simple participation in this match.



Other Notes

-At the end of the show, Vampiro had Pentagon Jr strapped up, hanging above the ground while he caned his apprentice’s broken back. He said that Pentagon Jr needs to overcome his psychological weakness the same way that Vampiro overcame Ian Hodgkinson and his medication. As the show cut off, he swung a barbed wire bat at Pentagon. Although it seemed like Pentagon took a step back from his white hot start to the season, the slow build to what appears to be an eventual conquest of Matanza should be phenomenal.


-Before the Gift of the Gods match, a four-way match featured Kobra Moon, Mascarita Sagrada, Daga, and Argenis. Daga managed to simultaneously lock Kobra in a Gory Special and Argenis in a pendulum, but Mascarita broke it up. Kobra hit a variation of a piledriver on Mascarita, but let Daga get the pin. Based on how she treated him during the match, it appeared that Kobra wanted more from Daga, which is likely the first substantive storyline for either of them in LU.


-Marty Martinez and Killshot clashed backstage before their match and it ended with the Moth cackling on the floor after getting beaten down. Marty had more success in the ring and used some disgusting offense, like licking his own fingers before putting them in Killshot’s mouth. They traded near falls off of a cutter by Killshot and a curb stomp by the Moth. Finally, Killshot hit an impressive variation on a package piledriver to get the pin. After the loss, Martinez snapped and attacked Killshot before he stole his dog tags. He hasn’t had many clean victories, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this win catapulted Killshot into a bigger role.