Lucha Underground Review – Group of Six to Vie for Title

6/8/16 – Andrew Berg – @WrestleRosters


Johnny Mundo, Taya, Fenix, Ivelisse, King Cuerno, and Pentagon Jr Advance to #1 Contender’s Elimination Match

Before the big 12-person tag match to help determine a #1 contender, Pentagon Jr drove to ringside in a wheelchair. He thanked Chavo Guerrero for his support, but went on to break his arm to take his spot in the match. The stipulation of the match was that the winning team would advance to an elimination match next week for a shot at Matanza’s title.


When Pentagon finally tagged into the match, he tussled with The Mack and got the better of him with a running kick and a back stabber. The next big confrontation pitted Rey Mysterio against King Cuerno and then Johnny Mundo, though there were still no eliminations. A King Cuerno suicide dive set up successive aerial moves from Taya, Sexy Star, and Ivelisse. Prince Puma, Fenix, and Son of Havoc followed their lead to leave a pile of luchadors outside the ring.


Back in the ring, Johnny Mundo fended of Mysterio and Puma. It looked like Puma was ready to hit a 630, but Mundo shoved Mysterio into him to stall him. A standing C-4 on Puma earned him the pin on Puma and set up the six-wrestler elimination match.


The overriding theme of the season has been Pentagon’s destruction and recovery. It would have been easy for LU to capitalize on the heat of the Pentagon-Vampiro feud at Ultima Lucha I and put Pentagon in the main event immediately. Instead, LU has taken its time in gradually building more of an appetite for him. As we close in on Ultima Lucha II, he is hotter than ever.


Drago and Aerostar def. Jack Evans and PJ Black in a Nunchuck Match

Both teams used complicated tandem offense to try to down their opponents long enough to retrieve the nunchucks hung above the entrance area. Evans was the first to capture the nunchucks and he bludgeoned both Drago and Aerostar with them in the midsection. Drago seized the weapon from Evans and showed more skill and precision with them. They chased Evans and Black off of Dario’s office and Aerostar followed them with a beautiful cross-body from elevation. Drago finished the beating with more nunchuck shots leading to the pin on Evans. It was a very distinctive, fun match that likely sets up a Trios Title match if Drago and Aerostar can find the right partner.


Other Notes

-Dario Cueto booked a match between Black Lotus and Dragon Azteca Jr to give her an opportunity to avenge her brother’s death. Of course, Dario has lied to her about who committed the murder. This protracted story has not made much sense to me. Perhaps bringing it into the ring will create some clarity.


-The match between Marty Martinez and Killshot quickly turned into a brawl and both men were counted out. The rivalry between the two has been at a fairly low level, but the intensity between the two was very good. I suspect they are destined to collide in the undercard of Ultima Lucha.


-The police official who directs Joey Ryan and Ricky Reyes convinced Mr. Cisco to wear a wire in a conversation with Dario Cueto. She said that he is the “linchpin to the end of days.” The slow burn of Cueto’s involvement in a criminal network and possibly more is one of my favorite storylines in LU and has next to nothing to do with in-ring wrestling.


-At the end of the episode, Catrina used her magical stone to raise Mil Muertes from the dead once again. With only a week to go before Ultima Lucha II, I look forward to seeing how Mil advances his simmering rivalry with King Cuerno.