Lucha Underground Review – Lucha Monsters Square Off


4/20/16 – Andrew Berg – @WrestleRosters


Matanza and Mil Muertes Wrestled to a No Contest

The Temple fans showed support for Mil Muertes for the first time when he squared off with the equally monstrous, evil Matanza. He showed the rare ability to take Matanza off of his feet, first with clubbing forearms and then with a powerslam. Matanza fought off of the mat with his hands around Mil’s throat. They clubbed at each other with giant strikes, like Shinsuke Nakamura and Sami Zayn, but with double the mass.


They brawled to the floor and Matanza gained the advantage by smashing Mil’s head into the announce table. Catrina hit Matanza in the back of the head with her mystical stone and he grabbed her by the throat. Mil smashed a chair over Matanza’s back and continued his attack with a metal can as they climbed up the stairs. They made their way atop Dario Cueto’s office and the fans collectively held their breath. Matanza fought himself free of Mil’s grasp, but when he tried to attack, Mil hit him with a Flatliner and they both fell through the roof of the office.


Even without a conclusive ending, the referee called for the bell and the match concluded. Apparently, Matanza kept the LU Title, but Catrina stood tall while Cueto showed fear for one of the first times. When Matanza and Mil first shared the screen, I wrote that I would prefer to see them wait to square off. Even though it only took a few weeks for them to have a match, I loved the way the match was used to build more excitement for a bigger, future encounter.


Aerostar def. Drago for an Aztec Medallion

Dario Cueto tested the burgeoning friendship between Drago and Aerostar by pitting them against one another for an Aztec Medallion. It was a smart way to reference their rivalry-turned-alliance from season one that was a high point for both of them in their LU careers. Their chemistry was immediately apparent through lightning quick grappling and counters. Naturally, the fight took to the air and Aerostar was the first to take advantage with a corkscrew splash. He could not take advantage, though, because he slipped off of the second rope on a springboard and crashed to the apron.


Aerostar did not stay down for long. He recovered and hit a springboard plancha, but Drago answered with a topez con giro. He followed that with a rope-hung DDT and got the first near fall of the match. Aerostar leapt over the top rope with a version of the Codebreaker and then hit a slingshot splash onto Drago. It got him a three count and a bit of a surprising win. Since we know that these two wrestlers would put on a great match, I liked that LU found a logical reason to pair them off once again.


Other Notes

-Cueto aligned Fenix with Jack Evans and PJ Black to face the Disciples of Death in a Trios Tournament match. Black took an early beating before giving way to Fenix. As their team took over, Fenix and Black started to argue with each other. After Black and Evans took out two Disciples on the floor, Fenix hit a springboard 450 to get the win. While they have little in common in the storyline, the winning team has shares crazy aerial ability. After the match, Catrina threatened to destroy the Disciples, and Siniestro De La Muerte ripped out the hearts of the other two, Temple of Doom style. As far as LU murders go, it probably didn’t have the impact of Matanza and Bael, but it certainly made me more interested in the remaining Disciple.


-Cueto announced a twist to the Trios Tournament. He told Ivelisse, Son of Havoc, and Angelico that they would get a bye to the finals of the tournament, but that they would take on the other four winning teams in an elimination match for the Titles. With that stipulation, it seems unlikely that they will survive as champions.


-Cueto also scheduled an Aztec Medallion match between Johnny Mundo and Cage in a steel cage match. The ongoing rivalry between Mundo and Cage has resurfaced in so many different fashions that it feels like an old school wrestling feud where two wrestlers collide in a variety of forms over a year or so.


-The City Councilman from Boyle Heights warned the Police Department to drop its investigation into Dario Cueto at the behest of an unnamed employer. The investigation storyline has my full attention and I love that we are getting bits and pieces of it very deliberately. It was a nice touch to include mugshots of Hernandez and Alberto El Patron under a heading of “missing.”