Lucha Underground Review – Matanza Continues Rampage

3/30/16 – Andrew Berg – @WrestleRosters


Matanza def. Pentagon Jr to Remain Lucha Underground Champion

Lucha Underground was such a high wire act for the last three weeks that it was due for some comedown this week. By focusing on some of the storylines that were deemphasized during the last few weeks, the show remained very interesting. In the main event, Pentagon Jr got a title shot by threatening Dario Cueto with a broken arm. Cueto relented and granted Pentagon the title shot.


In the main event match, Matanza destroyed Pentagon. Every offensive attack bounced off of him, including a back-stabber that couldn’t even take him off of his feet. He assaulted Pentagon outside the ring and injured his back by throwing him onto a pile of chairs. He brought him back into the ring and hit a spinning powerslam called the Wrath of the Gods. He got the pin and continued to stalk Pentagon. Vampiro got in the ring to check on his former charge and Matanza kicked him out of the way.


It didn’t take long for Matanza to displace Mil Muertes as the unstoppable monster at the top of Lucha Underground. Catrina teased a match between the two in a brief interaction with Dario, but I suspect they will not collide anytime soon. This destruction is a good way to build fear in Matanza so that whoever eventually takes him down will have real support from the fans. LU has carried out that process well in the past with Mil. The only element of that program that raised my eyebrows is how little time Fenix got on top after he finally vanquished the giant.


Ivelisse, Angelico, and Son of Havoc def. The Disciples of Death in an Elimination Match to Remain Trios Champions

After Dario announced a tournament to crown new Trios #1 Contenders, the champions had to defend their belts once again against their old foes. This match felt a little different due to the elimination stipulation, which quickly put the champions at a disadvantage when Catrina’s interference got Ivelisse eliminated in the early going. The teams traded eliminations- Angelico hit a Razor’s Edge onto the turnbuckle to even the numbers, but then got pinned after double knees to the back. Son of Havoc fought back on his own with a stomp-standing shooting star combo to get back to even. Ivelisse returned to ringside to take out Catrina. Havoc took advantage with a fierce rally. He hit a topez and a shooting star press to get the pin and retain the titles for his team. The champions have had such reliably good matches the fans are clearly excited to see them each time they wrestle. It makes it less damaging that they have the same opponents almost every time. Nonetheless, I enjoyed this match once again.


Other Notes

-A rare tag match was made even rarer when The Crew picked up a victory. Johnny Mundo and Taya dominated until Cage came to ringside. Cortez Castro took advantage of the interference and got the pin on Taya. Even without many victories, Cage is such an impressive specimen that he can carry a two-on-one feud with the perfect pairing of Johnny and Taya.


-Dario Cueto was up to his old tricks throughout the show. In addition to bringing back The Temple’s house band, he tried to form alliances with both Catrina and Rey Mysterio. He and Mysterio toasted to Dragon Azteca Jr over a shot of tequila. If Mysterio’s Aztec Warfare debut is a sign of things to come, LU is a great place for him at this point in his career.


-Mariposa destroyed Sexy Star in a singles match that culminate with a variation on an inverted piledriver. She and Marty Martinez beat up The Mack when he checked on Sexy after the match. Between the match and the mythology of the dominant Mariposa mask, she is being characterized as a female almost as dominant as Matanza.