Lucha Underground Review – Matanza Puts another Feather in his Cap

4/6/16 – Andrew Berg – @WrestleRosters


Matanza def. Fenix to Remain Lucha Underground Champion

Through Aztec Warfare and his match with Pentagon Jr, Matanza showed no vulnerability. That was a similar path to Mil Muertes, who was eventually vanquished for the title be Fenix. Of course, Fenix had to put the title up in Aztec Warfare due to Catrina’s vengeance, so his rematch this week came full circle on the storyline that introduced Dario Cueto’s brother Matanza.


Once again, Matanza plowed through his opponent. The match started with less than ten minutes left in the show, which is uncommon for a wrestling show that revolves around the in-ring action like LU. Fenix used several kicks- superkicks, dropkicks, and spin kicks- to stay in the match, but could not get Matanza off of his feet. Matanza caught Fenix doing a handspring and turned it into a vicious German suplex. Shortly thereafter, he did the same with a suicide dive that ended as a powerslam on the floor. Dario called for blood while Matanza hit the Wrath of the Gods for a three count.


The attack continued after the bell and it looked like Matanza was trying to rip Fenix’s head off of his body. Catrina appeared on the Temple’s steps, which distracted Matanza. Mil Muertes appeared from behind to uncommon cheers and hit Matanza, chasing him away. Mil left Fenix alone in the ring to recover, which is as much a gesture as friendship as his character would ever portray. LU has left the door open just enough on Catrina and Mil as redeemable to make the monster vs. monster rivalry between Matanza and Mil exciting. My hope is that they have enough time to let it build more momentum before they finally face each other in the ring.


Joey Ryan and The Crew def. Marty “The Moth” Martinez, Mariposa, and The Mack in the Trios Tournament

Ryan and Cortez Castro found themselves on the same Trios Team in furtherance of their undercover investigation into Dario Cueto. Their mismatched team paled in comparison to the archrivals across the ring. Mack couldn’t even get Sexy Star to accompany him to the ring due to her hatred for Mariposa (a hatred that motivated her to somehow curl a 315 pound barbell in a backstage vignette).


The match between the teams was decent, but unspectacular. Matt Striker referred to Mack as “Lucha Ron Funches” while the real comedian Ron Funches watched from the front row. The Moth and his sister worked well together, though they could not get along with Mack. When Moth blocked Mack from a topez, Mack turned on him and hit him with a stunner. The Crew followed up with a tandem neckbreaker, and Ryan vultured the pin to help his team advance. When Moth and Mariposa tried to attack Mack, Sexy finally made her comeback and angrily attacked Mariposa.


Other Notes

-Ivelisse stayed busy while other teams competed for a shot at her Trios Title. She faced Kobra Moon in a unique match that was almost entirely comprised of grappling and submission counters. She finally used some strikes and got the win with a sunset flip powerbomb. I liked seeing a match that was so different from LU’s typically acrobatic style.


-Dario Cueto warned Vampiro to stay away from Matanza. Vampiro struggled with the advice and nearly tossed out his medicine, which has come to represent the only barrier between him and inhumane violence. In the end, Vampiro put off vengeance on behalf of his protégé, Pentagon Jr, and took the pills for one more week.