Lucha Underground Review – Mil Muertes Ends Drago’s Title Dream

6/24/15 – Andrew Berg – @WrestleRosters


Mil Muertes def. Drago to Become #1 Contender

Drago’s triple-threat win last week and the excitement over his ticket to Ultima Lucha were short lived because he had to come back only a week later to face Muertes. Before the match even started, Hernandez jumped Drago (making this a particularly busy Wednesday for Super Mex) as retribution for Drago winning their match last week. Despite the attack, Drago proceeded with the match against Muertes, albeit at an even bigger disadvantage than where he started.

The match itself was a classic speed vs. strength affair. The strength of Muertes took control fairly early and he dominated in and out of the ring. He hit an enormous spear on Drago and then bludgeoned him outside the ring with chairs and anything else he could fine. The match remained very one-sided as he slammed Drago on a table. With a handful of quick counters, Drago found his way back into the match very briefly, but Muertes countered his special pinning combination. He followed it with his flatliner finisher to get the win and secure his place in the Ultima Lucha main event.


Prince Puma appeared on the steps outside the ring at the end of the show and exchanged menacing glares with Muertes. From the start of the LU cannon, these have been the two most impressive wrestlers, so it’s appropriate that they would main event the biggest show of the year. It was also clever to spend one week with Drago as the potential challenger because it made him look even more impressive and the attack from Hernandez establishes a credible reason for them to fight one another. Altogether, LU continues to impress with its long-term planning and consistent storytelling, not to mention outstanding wrestling between the ropes.


Aerostar der. Marty “The Moth” Martinez, Cage, and The Mack to win an Aztec Medallion

It was clear from the start that this match would be a showcase for crazy high spots and it did not disappoint. Cage hit a fallaway slam to Aerostar that sent him from the ring to the floor. The Mack was particularly impressive. He hit an exploder suplex on Cage on the ring apron and followed it with a splash to the floor. Finally, Aerostar hit a nice top rope hurricanrana and his version of Rey Mysterio’s West Coast Pop to get the pin and the Medallion. That means that Aerostar, Jack Evans, and Fenix have three of the seven Medallions. They certainly provide the basis of an incredibly entertaining match if the story goes in that direction.


Vampiro Confronts Pentagon Jr.

Pentagon declared that he has no interest in the Aztec Medallions and only wants to get revenge on Vampiro for preventing him from breaking Sexy Star’s arm. He berated Vampiro until he became angry and confronted him in the ring. They went head to head and shoved one another, but Pentagon backed down before it got more serious. Vampiro once again did a great job of selling how he became shaken and emotional when he got back on the mic to do commentary. The first time Vampiro left the commentary table, it could be written off as a way to get a cheap pop. Now that it has happened again, it appears that he is likely to get in the ring against Pentagon, which would make a nice draw for Ultima Lucha.


Superfly def. Sexy Star

The show opener was a fairly standard Sexy Star match. She fought from underneath for most of the match and eventually put together a rally. Superfly cut her rally short and hit a sit-out powerbomb to get the pin. After the win, he tried to take her mask. I get the personal and emotional implications of masks in a feud like this one, but I simply have not found Sexy Star’s character compelling.