Lucha Underground Review – Monsters Square Off in Graver Consequences

5/11/16 – Andrew Berg – @WrestleRosters


Matanza Cueto def. Mil Muertes in Graver Consequences to Remain Lucha Underground Champion

Based on the booking in season two of Lucha Underground, there was no matchup more anticipated than the second collision between these two monsters. Their first match was brutal, yet inconclusive, and the Graver Consequences match promised to provide more finality. The match got violent quickly when Matanza threw Mil over the top rope and onto a casket in the opening moments. He remained in control until Mil suplexed Matanza onto a row of caskets lined up at ringside.


Mil pulled a casket into the ring with one hand, but before he could do anything with it, Dario Cueto grabbed him by the ankle to slow his progress. The minor distraction allowed Matanza to recover and hit a pair of gutwrench suplexes, but Mil answered with a spear. Matanza used a wrench to rip Mil’s mask and bludgeon him on the forehead to draw blood. Mil recovered and chokeslammed Matanza on the casket in the ring. He stayed in control until Matanza hit him with a low blow. Matanza continued his assault and dropped Mil into a casket at ringside, but Mil punched through the lid before Matanza could shut it.


Dario tried to reinvigorate Matanza with his symbolic key and Catrina slapped him across the face. Matanza hit Catrina with a chair, seized her stone, and deposited her in a casket with the stone. Mil did not go quietly, though, and ambushed Matanza with a suicide dive. He nearly shut Matanza in the last intact casket, but Matanza resisted. He fought his way out and proceeded to powerbomb Mil on the top of the coffin. Mil ran at Matanza, but Matanza caught him with his spinning Wrath of the Gods powerslam into the casket. He shut the lid to a chorus of boos from the fans.


When Dario opened Catrina’s coffin, it was empty. A procession of acolytes then retrieved Mil’s casket and marched it out of the Temple. On the way out, King Cuerno revealed himself as one of the hooded acolytes. As impressive as Mil is, he was never as hated as Matanza is now. Whatever comes next for Matanza immediately has huge stakes attached to it.


Rey Mysterio Jr, Prince Puma, and Dragon Azteca Jr def. Son of Havoc, Ivelisse, and Johnny Mundo to Remain Trios Champions

With Angelico out of action, Dario added Johnny Mundo to the team of Ivelisse and Son of Havok for their Trios Title rematch. The champions showed good sportsmanship early when Dragon Azteca allowed Ivelisse to gather herself after tweaking her knee. The good vibes led to conflict when Taya attacked Puma behind the referee’s back and Ivelisse objected.


The action got more competitive and the fans got behind Mysterio. She blocked a 619, but while she argued with Mysterio, Mundo inadvertently hit her with a springboard kick. Havoc briefly made a comeback, but Mysterio rallied once again. He tagged Puma for a 630 Splash and the pin. It was clear from the start of the match that Mundo and Taya were involved to develop tension with Havoc and Ivelisse. The tension boiled over quickly when Taya ambushed Ivelisse after the match. Even though they lost the belts, Havoc and Ivelisse transition seamlessly into another interesting rivalry.


Other Notes

-Dario Cueto made a payoff at an off-site bar to Lorenzo Lamas’s city council character. Lamas said that the Temple is very important to his employer and that he would come to see it in person soon. LU is so good at creating intrigue and anticipation. This storyline involving money and power outside the ring is extremely interesting even though it has little to do with the in-ring competition.


-The erstwhile trio of Cortez Castro, Mr. Cisco, and Joey Ryan squared off for an Aztec Medallion a week before the Gift of the Gods Title will be back on the line. As Castro and Cisco grappled with each other, Ryan sat on the side. He made his way back in for a schoolboy on Cisco and got the win.