Lucha Underground Review – Mundo and Cage Collide

2/24/16 – Andrew Berg – @WrestleRosters


Johnny Mundo def. Cage

Following several weeks of back-and-forth between Mundo and Cage, the two fringe contenders to the LU Title faced off in the main event. Cage dominated the opening stretch of the match with his powerful offense. Mundo turned the tide with a springboard, corkscrew plancha to the outside and his athleticism remained his calling card. Both wrestlers looked impressive, though they moved so quickly that there wasn’t any time to sell the other’s offense or create a story in the match.


As the match continued, Cage was the first to get near falls. He hit a version of an F5 for a two count. When Mundo missed the End of the World, Cage hit a giant lariat. He set up for Weapon X, but Taya Valkyrie suddenly appeared at ringside. She left a lead pipe in one corner and distracted Cage and the referee in the other corner. Mundo freed himself and clocked Cage with the pipe behind the ref’s back and got the pin. Mundo and Taya attacked cage after the win and posed together. It’s a shame that LU couldn’t work out this angle with Melina, but it makes plenty of sense for Mundo to team with a beautiful, vicious woman. Mundo and Cage feels like a meaningful rivalry. Hopefully their future matches will use a little more psychology and a little less frenzy.


Other Notes

-Pentagon Jr. tried to attack Catrina to get her to give him a rematch with Puma. She disappeared into a cloud of smoke to escape his attack, but granted his match nonetheless.


-Catrina also clashed with King Cuerno when he demanded the shot at Mil Muertes that his Gift of the Gods Title grants him. She denied his request and gave him a match with Fenix instead, with the title on the line above a ladder.


-Cuerno also had a match against Killshot that featured impressive splashes and kicks from both men. Killshot hit a double-knee gutbuster, but missed the subsequent corkscrew senton. That allowed Cuerno to hit the Thrill of the Hunt and get the win. Cuerno’s attack continued after the match until Fenix made the save.


-Dario Cueto told Black Lotus a creepy story about his monstrous brother beating their abusive mother to death. The story was insane on its own, but made much stranger by the fact that he was crying tears of joy as he retold it.


-Texano blitzed his way through Mr. Cisco and Cortez Castro in a gauntlet match. That left him one-on-one with Chavo Guerrero. He looked dominant again until Castro used Texano’s bullrope to trip him and hold his feet down while Chavo got a three count. It’s amazing how little wrestling Chavo has done in LU and how much that has played into his heel heat.


-Jack Evans and PJ Black kicked off the show with a high-flying spotfest. Evans tried to bait Drago to ringside when he appeared in the Temple. Black hit his version of the cutter for a two count. Drago tried to spray mist at Evans and hit Black instead. That allowed Evans to roll up Black for a pin. Evans has been terrific as a mid-card, cocky heel in the early going of season two and I would enjoy seeing these three go at it together.