Lucha Underground Review – Mysterio Enters Trios Tournament


4/13/16 – Andrew Berg – @WrestleRosters


Rey Mysterio, Prince Puma, and Dragon Azteca Jr def. Johnny Mundo, Taya, and Cage in the Trios Tournament

Dario Cueto continued to pair enemies in the trios tournament when he forced Cage to team with Johnny Mundo and Taya. Their assignment was very difficult from the first round as they had to face two of the biggest stars in LU with Dragon Azteca Jr. Dragon started the match against Cage and struggled with his massive power. Puma proceeded to work against both of his old rivals, Cage and Mundo. Taya’s interference let Mundo hit Moonlight Drive for the first near fall of the match.


Puma continued to struggle as Cage hit him with a powerbomb. Mundo and Cage started to self-destruct when Mundo tried to introduce a chair to the match and Cage tagged him in with a slap to the face. Puma finally got to his corner, but Mundo pulled Mysterio off the apron before he could make a tag. Dragon helped get his team back on track and Mysterio finally tagged in. The fans immediately got behind Mysterio and he nearly hit a double 619 before Mundo and Taya fled to the floor. Instead, Puma and Dragon each hit a topez.


Taya helped Mundo with a double team on Mysterio. They hit a Magic Killer that might have ended the match if not for assistance from Puma to break up the pin. Cage got involved with a big powerslam on Mysterio. Once again, a disagreement with Mundo side-tracked him. A 630 from Puma followed, but Mundo somehow kicked out. Mundo escaped the Benadryller and hit a C4. Dragon and Taya each got involved as the match broke down. Cage caught both Puma and Dragon and hit them both with a fallaway slam.


Mundo inadvertently kicked Cage and Cage responded with a very intentional lariat. Mundo ate a 619, a tornado DDT from Dragon, and a 630 from Puma to seal the match. With so much star power on the babyface team, it was no surprise that they advanced in the tournament. It was wise to use Mysterio economically, but even though he only appeared late into the match, he showed much better movement and fluidity than the last time he wrestled in WWE.


Texano def. Daga for an Aztec Medallion

Cueto had a very busy night. He also introduced Daga, an established AAA competitor, in a match against Texano for an Aztec Medallion. Texano’s power and Daga’s speed made for an even matchup at the start. Despite a banged-up left arm, Daga seized the momentum with a twisting topez con giro. They traded strikes until a Texano superkick and a Daga dropkick left them both on the mat. Texano made it to his feet first and got a near fall off of a second-rope leg lariat. Daga got his own near fall when he countered a powerbomb into a sunset flip. He put Texano in an ankle lock, which Texano escaped with a monkey flip. On his second attempt, Texano hit his sit-down powerbomb and got the win to attain a Gfit of the Gods Aztec Medallion. It was clear that these two have worked together extensively because their chemistry made for a very good match off the bat.


Other Notes

-Neither Argenis nor Killshot found much success in season one, but they matched up well for an entertaining spot fest. Killshot got a decisive win with his self-titled finisher, a variation on a sit-out cradle piledriver.


-Black Lotus continued to play both sides of the Dario Cueto meta-narrative. She liked to Dragon Azteca Jr. and said that Matanza killed their master when in fact she did the deed. Even though this story is more than a year old, I still have no idea where it is headed.


-Mil Muertes will get his opportunity to face Matanza next week and Catrina vowed that the Disciples of Death will be there in support. I can make a compelling case for either side of this match and could see the feud extending much longer.