Lucha Underground Review – New Trios Champions Emerge


4/27/16 – Andrew Berg – @WrestleRosters


Rey Mysterio, Prince Puma, and Dragon Azteca Jr win the Trios Titles

Prior to the start of the Trios Tournament finals, Dario Cueto announced that Angelico had been rushed to the hospital and that Ivelisse and Son of Havoc would be left to defend their titles as a pair. With four wrestlers in the match at all times, it was immediately hectic and difficult to follow, yet wildly entertaining at the same time. Vampiro aptly described it as reminding him of a strobe light in a nightclub.


Cortez Castro got the first near fall of the match with an X-Factor, but the match was just getting started. Ivellsse followed Joey Ryan to the floor and nearly everyone in the match followed outside with a variety of insane planchas and topez. Son of Havoc was the last out of the ring with a handspring topez con giro. Ivelisse dominated Joey Ryan in the ring and then caught Castro with a small package to eliminate his team. Cortez Castro, Joey Ryan, and Mr. Cisco Eliminated.


Ivelisse continued to do a large amount of work for her team. She hit a sunset flip powerbomb on Jack Evans, but the referee’s back was turned. PJ Black superkicked her in the head and placed Evans on top to make a cover. The three count guaranteed that there would be new Trios Champions. Ivelisse and Son of Havoc Eliminated.


Fenix initially took control for his team with an amazing exchange with Dragon Azteca. Prince Puma tagged in and dominated the entire opposition. He hit a Benadryller and then a 630 on Black. Before he could make a cover, Evans ran in and hit a low blow on Puma. Before Evans could do any more damage, he reached Mysterio for a tag. He hit a 619, Dragon Azteca hit a tornado DDT, Puma and Dragon Azteca hit tandem suicide dives, and Mysterio delivered a split-legged moonsault to get the pin. PJ Black, Jack Evans, and Fenix Eliminated.


The new champions make for a very interesting team because they are all at different stages in their careers. Puma is established as a top star in Lucha Underground, but is still on his way toward to the top of the wrestling world. Mysterio is a legend who needs little more than his name to whip fans into a frenzy. Dragon Azteca is new to LU and the association with two stars will help propel him upward. With a built-in rivalry with Dario Cueto, I am excited to see how their narrative develops.


Cage def. Johnny Mundo in a Cage Match to Win an Aztec Medallion

The simmering rivalry between Mundo and Cage moved into a cage with an Aztec Medallion on the line. Cage physically dominated the early part of the match. He locked Mundo in a modified Boston Crab with his body bent around the turnbuckles. Mundo finally got some traction with a low blow and repeatedly kneed Cage into the chain link. Cage gathered enough energy to try to climb out in the corner and Mundo caught him with a C4 off the top rope. Cage gradually fought back and climbed into the corner again, but this time Mundo hit Moonlight Drive off of the top turnbuckle.


Cage finally turned the tide with a German Suplex, a buckle bomb, and a powerbomb into thecage wall. Cage started to climb once again, but Taya met him with a kendo stick to knock him back into the ring. She passed the stick to Mundo, who bludgeoned Cage with it. Cage stole the stick from him and turned the match back in his favor. He smashed Mundo until he got a very near two count. Taya climbed to the top of the cage and threw a chair to Mundo. Even though Cage ate a direct shot from the chair, he kicked out just before the three count.


Mundo got to the top of the cage and tried to the End of the World, but missed. Instead, Taya delivered a cross-body from the top of the cage and the teammates ganged up on Cage. They hit a Magic Killer and covered Cage together, but he somehow still kicked out. Taya took out a pair of handcuffs, but Cage seized them from her and locked her to the ring ropes. Cage hit Mundo with a piledriver on Mundo and got the three count to earn an Aztec Medallion. Despite the crazy booking, it was a fun match and a conclusive way to punctuate a good rivalry.


Other Notes

-With two long matches dominating most of the show, there was only time for one backstage segment, but it was fantastic. Vampiro summoned Pentagon Jr into a samurai temple and told him to stand up from the wheelchair that Matanza put him in. When he could not stand, Vampiro covered him in hot candle wax and told him that he is weak.