Lucha Underground Review – Pentagon Continues Provocation Campaign


7/8/15 – Andrew Berg – @WrestleRosters

Pentagon Jr Attacks Vampiro

Early in the show, Vampiro and Pentagon sat down for an interview. Vampiro started the discussion with an apology for involving himself in Pentagon’s business over the prior weeks. Pentagon refused to answer any questions about his adversaries or his “master” and said that Vampiro had become weak. Vampiro resisted the challenge and said that it was no longer his time in the ring.


After the completion of the main event match, Pentagon ran out and jumped Vampiro at the commentary table. He hit Vampiro with a chair and doused him with gasoline. He held a lighter up to Vampiro and threatened to burn him alive if he would not accept the match.


The show went off the air without a definitive resolution, but the build for this potential Ultima Lucha match has been fantastic. The highlight package of parallels between Pentagon and a young Vampiro was compelling. The way Pentagon has worked his way up to Vampiro and the mystery surrounding his “master” is great storytelling. On top of all of that, Vampiro is one of the most recognizable names in the company and putting him in a special attraction will only make Ultima Lucha greater.


Johnny Mundo, Jack Evans, Hernandez, and Super Fly def. Alberto El Patron, Sexy Star, Drago, and Aero Star in an Atomicos Tag Match

The atomicos rules allow wrestlers to enter the ring when one of their teammates is thrown out, so this match quickly turned into an insane spot fest. After Mundo and El Patron were briefly isolated with one another, the action spilled back out to the floor. Aero Star hit a springboard moonsault to the floor, which was immediately followed by splashes from Drago and Sexy Star.


Back in the ring, Sexy Star outflanked Mundo until Hernandez hit her with a back breaker to help his teammate. El Patron took out the whole opposing team and put Evans in his cross-armbreaker. Mundo broke it up with the End of the World and pinned Sexy Star, the legal wrestler. As much as the match was a cluster, it also reaffirmed the El Patron-Mundo rivalry and gave just enough of a taste to make fans want to see more.


Mil Muertes def. Son of Havoc

When Catrina cornered Havoc backstage and threatened him that the Disciples of Death were coming for the Trios Titles, Ivelisse stood up to Catrina and showed her continued affection for her for her ex. That exchange led to a match with Mil Muertes that was far more competitive than I expected. After Muertes abused Havoc outside and powerbombed him on a table, Havoc started to fight back. He hit a suicide dive, a double-foot stomp and a standing shooting star press for a near fall.


Mil caught him with a big forearm, but Havoc blocked a superplex and nearly hit a shooting star press. Instead, the Disciples appeared outside and negated his supporters. Havoc tried to save them, but that allowed Muertes to recover and hit a flatliner to win. Mil already looks like one of the most dominant wrestlers in the world, so Havoc hanging in with him is a great achievement.


Blue Demon Attacks Texano

Texano called out Chavo Guerrero after he saved Prince Puma last week but got the Crew instead. The double-team continued until Blue Demon saved Texano, but Blue Demon quickly turned on Texano and hit him with a chair. He said that he did not want Texano fighting his battles or representing Mexico. Only a week removed from Texano’s personality confusion, the Blue Demon swerve felt too smart by half.


The Mack def. Cage

Mack strung together a series of insanely athletic moves, capped off by an exploder suplex into the corner. Cage gained control when Mack missed a frog splash and he followed it with a big discus clothesline. Mack came off of the ropes and ducked a big boot and turned it into a modified schoolboy to get a surprising pin. Although Cage has not had much success after his tremendous debut, this is still the biggest LU win for Mack. He is a great talent, so a bigger role is warranted.

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