Lucha Underground Review – Prince Puma Faces a Veteran Challenge


7/1/15 – Andrew Berg – @Wrestle Rosters


Prince Puma def. Chavo Guerrero

As a condition of delivering Black Lotus to Dario Cueto, Guerrero demanded a title shot against Puma. Moreover, with Cueto on his side, Guerrero was able to make it a no DQ match and added the stipulation that any interference by Konnan would lead to a title change.


The stacked deck against Puma got even more frightening when Catrina and Mil Muertes confronted him in wonderfully produced backstage segment. Mil Muertes appeared out of nowhere and disappeared as quickly. Puma showed fear on his face, but Konnan reassured him that the mind games would not translate into the ring.


The main event itself was a bit of a letdown with only nine minutes left in the show when it started. Guerrero tried to bait Konnan into interfering and costing his charge the title. Puma displayed his other-worldly athleticism when he kipped up off of a shoulder block as if his body was made out of silly putty. Guerrero used typically heelish tactics when he feigned a knee injury to get Puma’s guard down and then sent The Crew after him.


The Crew and Guerrero teamed up on Puma and almost had him beat until Texano emerged and helped even the odds. Puma hit a 630 splash to win the match and retain his title. Afterwards, Texano warned Guerrero that he was the Mexican enforcer who would neutralize him, seemingly setting the stage for a rivalry to grow.


Drago def. Hernandez by DQ

Once again, LU took the time to set the stage for even a secondary match. Hernandez attacked Drago last week before his match with Mil Muertes, so this matchup was a chance for him to get retribution. He blocked everything the dismissive Hernandez tried to hit him with early in the match, but eventually got caught with a buckle bomb, a back breaker, and a side slam. Drago fought back with a hurricanrana from the top rope and a topez con giro. Hernandez recovered with a Border Toss onto the apron. He stole a fan’s belt and whipped Drago with it to cause a DQ. After the conclusion, he took a mic and cut a cocky promo, challenging anyone in the crowd to fight him. It certainly gave the impression that Hernandez will be back in LU, even now that he is working in TNA again.


Alberto El Patron def. Marty “The Moth” Martinez

El Patron dissected The Moth from the opening bell. He quickly made him tap out to a cross-armbreaker. He received a fantastic reaction from the fans during his post-match promo aimed at “Juanito” Mundo. He said that Mundo had awakened his sadistic side and it would not end well for him. It’s easy to see why El Patron has had so much success everywhere he has gone. In addition to his outstanding wrestling ability, his mic skill are extremely natural and refined.


Texano def. Delavar Daivari

Perhaps the most entertaining part of this show-opening match was Vampiro’s total inability to say Daivari’s name. the humor helped make up for the spotty build between these two that has seemingly seen both operate as faces and heels at different points. Texano was unquestionably the fan favorite in this encounter and Daivari used distractions from Big Ryck throughout. Daviari nearly got a win after he countered a powerbomb into a facebuster. Instead, Texano superkicked Big Ryck off of the apron and nailed Daivari with a sit-down powerbomb for the win. Given the way Texano ended the show, it appears that he is onto another rivalry. It’s good timing, because this was probably the best he has looked in LU.

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