Lucha Underground Review – Puma Survives Major Challenge


2/17/16 – Andrew Berg – @WrestleRosters


Prince Puma def. Pentagon Jr

The first three weeks of Lucha Underground’s season revolved around secondary challengers and storylines, but the fourth week took a big step forward. The main event pitted former champion Prince Puma against season one standout Pentagon Jr. The rivalry started when both wrestlers intervened at the end of the Mil Muertes title defense against Ivelisse. Their dueling egos and desire for a shot at the LU Title made them natural adversaries.


Pentagon dominated the opening stanza of the match with intense physicality, including a powerbomb on his knee. Puma turned the tide with a running cutter and an inverted topez con giro. Pentagon countered with a back stabber in the corner, but Puma fought back with a northern lights-vertical suplex combo. He tried a springboard 450 that landed on Pentagon’s knees. Pentagon hit a package piledriver and locked Puma in a surfboard. While in the surfboard, Puma bridged backwards to pin Pentagon and get a three count.


After the loss, Pentagon superkicked the referee. Puma fought back and teased breaking Pentagon’s arm with his own armbar. Instead, Puma whispered something in Pentagon’s ear and walked away. The result was a good way to keep Pentagon looking relatively strong and edgy even in the loss. Puma likely earned another title shot and showed that he is still at the very top of the LU pecking order.


Ivelisse, Son of Havoc, and Angelico def. Chavo Guerrero and The Crew

-Catrina denied Ivelisse’s request for a Trios Title rematch and Ivellise continued to foreshadow their eventual clash. Instead, she teamed with Angelico and Son of Havoc against Chavo Guerrero and The Crew. It was the first appearance by Cortez Castro since the viewers learned that he is an undercover detective. His team controlled most of the match until a hot tag to Angelico. He and Havoc hit a combination plancha and springboard moonsault. Angelico hit a double stomp and got the win. Aftewards, The Crew argued with Chavo and Texano ran in to attack them. Most of Chavo’s storylines so far have fallen flat, so Texano’s fire was a welcome change of pace.


Other Notes

-Decked out with a lollipop, ample chest hair, aviators, a Member’s Only jacket, and too much baby oil, Joey Ryan made his LU debut. He used classic wrestling to keep Cage off balance until Cage hit a powerbobm and a delayed screwdriver to get the pin. Johnny Mundo tried a sneak attack, but Cage fought him off and hit Weapon X. Cage is an impressive specimen, though it’s hard to buy him as an everyman like Matt Striker tried to explain.


-Mundo also gave a taped promo in which he decried the disrespect of being in the Ultima Lucha opening match. He said that he is the best in Lucha Underground and deserves to be treated as such. LU has done a good job using Mundo’s detached snarkiness to their advantage, whereas it often hindered him in WWE.


-Rey Mysterio explained Dario Cueto’s history, and the backstory was even more intriguing than the mystery that previously shrouded him. Mysterio explained that Cueto’s goal was to make the seven Aztec tribes to battle in sacrifice to the ancient gods and the only way to rebut him is to somehow unite the descendants of the tribes.


-Sexy Star escaped from Marty Martinez at the end of the show. The Mack found her and she managed to stammer that The Moth was not the cause for concern, but his sister was.