Lucha Underground Review – Sexy Star Wins Epic Battle

5/4/16 – Andrew Berg – @WrestleRosters


Sexy Star def. Mariposa in a “No Mas” Match for an Aztec Medallion

I have often written that one of LU’s great strengths is its ability and willingness to create real stakes in so many of its matches. It’s rare to see a match on LU that lacks a clearly defined conflict or rationale. This week’s episode featured four matches that were each for an Aztec Medallion, but LU went even further and generated emotional stakes for each of the matches, as well.


The best of the bunch was the outstanding main event that resolved the season-long feud between Sexy Star and Mariposa. Before the match, Dario Cueto gave Sexy an Anthony Hopkins-level pep talk in which he said he identified with the fear in her eyes from the times that his mother similarly tortured him and his brother. He said that the only way to reverse the feeling is to instill the same fear in the mind of her captor.


With that thought in mind, Sexy dove head first into a main event match with an “I Quit” type of stipulation. They traded submission holds early that gave way to chair and trash can assaults outside the ring. Mariposa tried to rip Sexy’s mask off of her face and tore her flesh open in the process. They continued to fight as the ascended to the top of Dario’s office and then onto the scaffolding above. The tension reached a very high level as Sexy dangled off the side of the scaffolding, legitimately 40-50 feet above the Temple floor.


As they started to climb down from the scaffolding Mariposa’s brother, Marty Martinez, started to attack Sexy. The Mack made the save and took out the Moth. The bloody, beaten Sexy found herself in a modified cloverleaf, but when the referee asked if she wanted to quit, she screamed “fuck you Mariposa” into the microphone. She escaped and locked in a rear naked choke, but the Moth returned. The Mack came back with a stunner for Marty. Sexy transitioned into a cross-armbreaker and finally forced Mariposa to say “no mas.” When the referee finally made her break, Sexy attacked him and put the armbar back on to do more damage to Mariposa and put the fear in her eyes.


For most of season one, I thought that Sexy Star was the least interesting character in LU because there was no nuance to her character whatsoever. I thought it was promising when she was abducted by the Moth because it hinted at some torment that could develop her persona. Indeed, this payoff showed a much more complex character, but the success goes far beyond the story creation. Sexy deserves loads of credit for executing the match brilliantly, particularly for how she sold the pain she experienced and brought the fans with on her comeback.


Other Notes

-The Mack got the better of the Moth earlier in the night, as well. He won an Aztec Medallion in a match that was little more than a squash. He finally got the pin with an airplane spin into a cutter.


-After King Cuerno abandoned his loyalty to Catrina and Mil Muertes, Catrina warned him that she would send her disciple, Siniestro de la Muerte, after him. Cuerno was handily beating the disciple until Catrina hit him with her mystical stone. After the pin, she hit him with the stone again instead of giving her customary lick of death.


-Famous B secured a Medallion match for Mascarita Sagrada against Cage. It was not much of a contest, but when the match ended, Chavo Guerrero absconded with Cage’s Medallion.


-The show opened with a discussion between Catrina and Dario about whose monster would win their rematch next week. The segment was shot brilliantly, as it opened with Dario examining the tiles in his ceiling. Whether he was hiding something there or trying to reinforce his frequently destroyed office roof, it was a clever detail.