Lucha Underground Review – Vampiro Accepts Pentagon’s Challenge

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7/15/15 – Scott Strandberg – @wrestlerosters

Vampiro accepts Pentagon’s challenge for Ultima Lucha

Dario Cueto tried to offer Pentagon Jr. an Aztec medallion, but Pentagon said that all he and his master care about is taking out Vampiro. Pentagon said that his master would reveal himself when Pentagon is ready.

Vampiro cut an in-ring promo, saying that Pentagon keeps pushing him to do one more match, but that his time in the ring has come and gone. Pentagon interrupted, saying that if Vampiro is really unafraid of him, that he should accept his demand for a match at Ultima Lucha.

Vampiro said that his name is Ian Hodgkinson, and that he is enjoying his job on commentary. Vampiro said that Ian Hodgkinson isn’t the man Pentagon will face at Ultima Lucha, because the name of the man who will kick Pentagon’s ass is Vampiro. Vampiro hit Pentagon with a chokeslam and ran into the crowd to celebrate.

Scott’s Thoughts: This was all excellent stuff. The feud between Vampiro and Pentagon has benefited from a solid, steady build that paid off with an emotional high when Vampiro finally accepted the challenge.

Mil Muertes puts Konnan in a casket

Supervised by Cueto, Puma and Muertes stared each other down in the ring. Katrina and the Disciples of Death entered, and Cueto tried to make them leave, saying that this faceoff was just between Puma and Muertes. They refused, ganging up on Puma until Konnan made the save.

Konnan took out all three Disciples of Death with his cane, but Muertes stole the cane and knocked down both Konnan and Puma. Katrina hit Konnan with the Stone of Death, and the Disciples of Death rolled Konnan into Muertes’ casket, carrying him away as Muertes stood tall over Puma.

Scott’s Thoughts: The imagery of Konnan being dragged into the casket and carried away was very effective, and this entire segment did a good job of adding to the mystique of Muertes/Katrina.

King Cuerno def. Killshot by submission in an Aztec Medallion Match

Killshot hit a standing dropkick, followed by a jumping thrust kick. Cuerno fought back with a dropkick of his own, sending Killshot from the ring. Cuerno tried to dive between the ropes, but Killshot hit an enziguiri on the apron.

Killshot followed up with a cutter, then hit a hurricanrana from the ring apron. Cuerno and Killshot exchanged enziguiris, and Cuerno hit a spinning side slam onto the apron. Killshot recovered and hit a top-rope crossbody for two, but Cuerno responded with a reverse hurricanrana and a dive between the ropes.

Cuerno hit a flapjack, then locked in a variant of a surfboard, wrenching Killshot’s neck and forcing him to tap out.

Scott’s Thoughts: A solid showing from Killshot, even though the match’s result wasn’t really ever in question. Cuerno has been a bit underutilized lately, so it was good to see him pick up the win here.

Sexy Star def. Super Fly by submission in an Aztec Medallion Match

Sexy locked in an armbar within moments of the bell ringing, and Super Fly tapped out. Marty “The Moth” Martinez entered, and took Sexy’s medallion, saying that it represents his Aztec legacy and belongs to him. The Moth challenged Sexy to a match for her medallion, to begin immediately.

Sexy Star def. Marty Martinez by submission to retain her Aztec Medallion

Sexy hit a diving arm drag, but Marty caught her when she tried for a flying crossbody, countering with a gorilla press slam for two. Sexy hit a crossbody for a two-count of her own, but Marty locked in a figure-four. Sexy managed to turn Marty over, and he broke the hold by reaching the ropes. Sexy locked in another Fujiwara armbar to retain her medallion.

Scott’s Thoughts: I’m not sure I needed back-to-back Sexy Star squash matches.

Bengala def. Delevar Daivari (w/ Big Ryck) by pinfall in an Aztec Medallion Match

Daivari feigned an injury for long enough to allow Big Ryck to take a cheap shot at Bengala. Daivari hit a dropkick for two, and Big Ryck took more cheap shots. Bengala fought back with a DDT to earn a near-fall, following up with a superkick.

Bengala took out Big Ryck with a dive between the ropes, then climbed the turnbuckle. Daivari caught him and hit a superplex, but Bengala kicked out. Big Ryck tried to hit Bengala with a clothesline, but he missed and hit Daivari instead. Bengala hit a German suplex for the pinfall victory, earning an Aztec medallion.

Scott’s Thoughts: There are some pretty jobbery jobbers holding Aztec medallions. Since we don’t know what they are for yet, they are not lending any prestige to their enhancement talent owners, such as Bengala.