NXT Review – Blake and Murphy Invoke Rematch Clause

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9/23/15 – Scott Strandberg – @wrestlerosters

The Vaudevillains (w/ Blue Pants) def. Blake and Murphy (w/ Alexa Bliss) by pinfall to retain the NXT Tag Team Championships

Blue Pants and Alexa started brawling, and their clash spilled over into the ring. Blue Pants chased Alexa up the ramp, as Blake rolled Gotch up for two. Murphy dumped English spine-first onto the ring apron, teaming up with Blake to isolate English in their corner.

English hit an uppercut on Murphy, and both men made hot tags. Gotch hit a series of strikes, followed by a T-bone suplex. English tagged in as Gotch hit a rolling senton, but Blake got his knees up when English went for the second-rope senton bomb.

Murphy tagged in and hit a double-knee to the face from the second rope, but English kicked out. English tossed Murphy from the ring, tagging in Gotch for their Whirling Dervish tandem uppercut/swinging neckbreaker combo finisher.

Scott’s Thoughts: Not a bad match, but not really anything special either. It felt like more of a formality than anything. I’ll be interesting to see who The Vaudevillains end up facing next, as this felt like a decisive ending to their feud with Blake and Murphy.

Tyler Breeze def. Bull Dempsey by pinfall

Bull hit an inverted atomic drop, but Breeze blasted Bull off the apron. Bull got back in the ring at the nine-count, and Breeze wore him down with a series of strikes and way too many headlocks. Bull fought back with a back bodydrop and used his stomach as an offensive weapon several times.

Bull climbed up top, but Breeze tossed him off the turnbuckle, using an illegal leverage pin to earn the victory.

Scott’s Thoughts: I liked the finish, because I’ve always been a proponent of illegal leverage pin finishes for heels. Other than that, Bull didn’t look good, which is a shame because I’ve enjoyed his gimmick tweak. As for Breeze, he sometimes has this weird propensity to do way too many headlocks, and this was one of those nights.

That’s seriously the only thing I don’t like about Breeze — he is one of my favorite wrestlers in NXT — but it definitely does bother me whenever it happens. In short, this was a blah match.

Asaka signs NXT contract, receives rude greeting from Dana Brooke and Emma

Kana entered, and revealed her new ring name, Asaka. To my complete shock, WWE has managed to create a theme song for a Japanese wrestler that doesn’t resort to stereotypical faux-Asian tropes. It’s simply a straight-forward hard rock theme. That’s nice.

Asaka excitedly signed her NXT contract, only to be interrupted by Dana and Emma. Emma said they were NXT’s welcoming committee, and said that she and Dana are in charge of the NXT women’s locker room. Dana took credit for running Charlotte and Becky Lynch out of NXT, and said she could do it to Asaka too.

Dana told Asaka to leave the ring, and Asaka teased leaving, before turning around with a creepy smile on her face. Asaka exited as Dana and Emma looked confused in the ring.

Scott’s Thoughts: Asaka showed decent charisma with her energetic arrival, but it was the creepy smirk that stuck with me. If she can pull off that type of mood consistently, she could become an excellent heel. Still, it was just one small moment, so I won’t rush to any judgments.

Eva Marie def. Carmella by countout

Eva hit a suplex for two, followed by a big boot. Eva hit another suplex, taunting both Carmella and the crowd by awkwardly screaming “How you doin?” about ten times. The crowd responded by chanting “All botch everything” until Carmella made her comeback with two Thesz presses.

Carmella kicked Eva and pinned her, but the referee stopped counting and pointed out Eva’s foot on the rope. Eva tossed Carmella out of the ring, and for whatever reason, Carmella couldn’t get back in the ring before the ten-count.

Scott’s Thoughts: Eva Marie is a charisma vacuum. She is terrible at absolutely everything involved in being a wrestler, and she brings down everyone around her. Also, I don’t think it’s a wise move for a promotion to create an angle around the fact that one of their wrestlers forgot to kick out in a televised match.

  • In a backstage segment, Apollo Crews and Tyler Breeze discussed that they have been booked into a match together at Takeover. That should be a good one.