NXT Review – Bliss Challenges Bayley for Women’s Title

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11/18/15 – Scott Strandberg – @wrestlerosters

Bayley def. Alexa Bliss by pinfall to retain the NXT Women’s Championship

Bayley and Bliss countered each other’s maneuvers until Bayley landed a clothesline and a knee drop. Bayley followed up with a running bulldog, but Bliss responded by attacking Bayley’s previously injured hand. Bliss hit a Blitz Flip to earn a two-count, then climbed up top.

Bayley caught Bliss on the turnbuckle, picking her up and slamming her to the mat for a near-fall. Bayley hit a suplex, but Bliss hit a sunset flip for two. Bayley suddenly planted Bliss with a Belly-to-Bayley for the pinfall. After the match, Eva Marie entered and tried to challenge Bayley for the title, but the crowd refused to let her talk, drowning her out with boos each time she tried to speak.

Scott’s Thoughts: The crowd relentlessly putting themselves over was incredibly distracting. There was a group of a couple dozen guys that refused to stop dancing and chanting “Hey we want some Bayley,” and it was very obnoxious.

The match itself was nothing special, and didn’t really feel like a title match, but it was 50x the match that Bayley vs. Eva will be. I just hope Eva doesn’t botch something too badly and injure Bayley. (I will say that the crowd redeemed themselves a bit with the Eva hate at the end of the show.)

Jason Jordan and Chad Gable def. The Ascension by pinfall

Jordan and Gable quickly isolated Konnor, exchanging quick tags and earning a near-fall for Gable with a double suplex. Konnor fought back with a running spinebuster, which Viktor followed with a leg drop. Viktor hit a running knee strike, but Gable fought back with a hip toss, reaching Jordan for the hot tag.

Jordan hit both members of The Ascension with dropkicks, then nailed an overhead belly-to-belly suplex on Viktor. Konnor made the save, and Viktor hit a flying knee strike. Gable took out Konnor with a somersault off the apron, then tagged in blindly. Gable tagged himself in as Jordan tossed Viktor into a bridging suplex from Gable, earning the victory.

Scott’s Thoughts: Another solid victory for Jordan and Gable, and they continue their well-deserved rise up the card.

Nia Jax def. Carmella by pinfall

Nia hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, but Carmella hit two single-leg dropkicks. Carmella tried for a top-rope hurricanrana, but Nia caught her and hit a spinebuster. Nia hit a leg drop to earn the pinfall.

Scott’s Thoughts: I need to see more from Nia before I can make a verdict one way or another, but I would still like to see her trim down a bit.

Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson def. Corey Hollis and John Skyler by pinfall

Dash and Dawson worked over Hollis’ left leg with a series of leg screws and strikes. Hollis finally fought back with an enziguiri, but Skyler found himself on the receiving end of a tandem codebreaker as soon as he tagged in.

Scott’s Thoughts: Let’s hope Dash and Dawson don’t end up getting the full-on Ascension treatment with constant jobber matches. Their rematch against The Vaudevillains next week should be entertaining.

Emma def. Mary Kate by submission

Mary Kate grounded Emma early with power moves, but Emma hit a series of dropkicks, followed by an Emma Sandwich. The Emma Lock was easily enough to make Mary Kate tap out.

Scott’s Thoughts: It is amazing how NXT has a never-ending supply of female jobbers. Where do they keep coming from?

  • In a brief backstage promo, Baron Corbin challenged Apollo Crews to a match at Takeover: London.
  • Dana Brooke demanded a rematch against Asuka on next week’s NXT, which Asuka accepted. Emma entered after Asuka left and suggested that she and Dana have nefarious plans for Asuka next week.

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