NXT Review – Jobbers, Jobbers Everywhere!

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7/22/15 – Scott Strandberg – @wrestlerosters


Finn Balor and Kevin Owens sign the contract for Takeover Brooklyn

Finn was about to sign the contract, when Owens stopped him. Owens asked Finn how it feels to be going into the Takeover Brooklyn match as the champion, but still also the underdog. Owens listed off all of his own accomplishments in the first six months he’s been in WWE, before saying that Japan was nothing but a fluke.

Finn said that Owens loves to talk, but he’ll shove his words back down his throat in Brooklyn. Finn signed the contract, as did Owens and Regal. Owens threw the contract at Finn and knocked the table over. Regal tried to stop him, but Owens hit him with a stiff back elbow. Finn hit a dropkick to send Owens from the ring.

Scott’s Thoughts: A pretty standard contract signing, but entertaining nonetheless simply because Owens is so great on the mic, even when working with basic material like this.


Bayley def. Emma (w/ Dana Brooke) by pinfall

Bayley hit a running bulldog for an early two-count, but Emma drove Bayley’s injured hand into the ring post. Emma continued working over Bayley’s hand with a variety of submission holds, but Bayley fought back with a flying elbow drop from the second rope. Both women attempted clotheslines, knocking each other down.

Dana tried to take a cheap shot at Bayley, but the referee caught her and threw her out of the arena. Bayley and Emma exchanged unsuccessful pinning maneuvers, until Bayley planted Emma with a Bayley-to-belly for the pinfall. After the match, Bayley told the crowd that her goal is to be the next NXT Women’s Champion, but that she wants a match with Charlotte first to prove herself.

In a backstage interview, Charlotte accepted Bayley’s challenge. Dana showed up and cut a horrible promo in which she called Charlotte a failure, even though she’s now on Raw. Charlotte accepted Dana’s offer of a match as well.

Scott’s Thoughts: Not a bad match, but the more important thing was to see a healthy Bayley back in the ring. I’m hoping to see Bayley to dethrone The Boss at Takeover Brooklyn. It’s odd to see Charlotte back, seeing as last week seemed like such an obvious — and well-done — farewell match.

Dana Brooke is a walking, talking disaster. Whoever thought she was ready for television was wrong in as many ways as a person could ever be incorrect.


Eva Marie def. Cassie by pinfall

Cassie (formerly KC Cassidy) hit two spinning heel kicks, but Eva answered with a suplex for two. Eva followed up with a big boot and an extremely awkward running senton. Cassie hit three more spinning heel kicks, but Eva finished her off with a shiranui.

Scott’s Thoughts: I don’t care how much she’s trained with Brian Kendrick, Eva is still green as hell. Every move she makes is done with hesitation, as if she’s unsure of herself. Also, Cassidy’s name has been changed to simply “Cassie,” as that’s what the announce crew was calling her.


Samoa Joe def. Mike Rallis by pinfall

Joe has new theme music, which is nowhere near as bad as his former theme. Still not great, but infinitely less terrible. Once the match began, Joe hit an enziguiri and a lifting side slam, followed by a Musclebuster for the pin.

Scott’s Thoughts: “Hey Joe, you want to come to NXT and wrestle 60-second matches against enhancement talent every week?” “Sure, I guess…how much you gonna pay me?” This is how I imagine the phone call that brought Joe to NXT went down. His NXT run remains entirely insignificant — due to no fault of his own, of course.


The Vaudevillains def. Angelo Dawkins and Sawyer Fulton by pinfall

Gotch hit a spinning neckbreaker and a dropkick on Dawkins, but Fulton lifted Gotch in the air for Dawkins to hit him with an impressive dropkick. Gotch managed to reach English, who hit a spinning side slam and tagged Gotch back in for the Whirling Dervish.

Scott’s Thoughts: Yep, well, that was a jobber match. Another one.


Baron Corbin def. a local wrestler by pinfall

Corbin immediately hit End of Days on a man wearing a bright purple jumpsuit.

Scott’s Thoughts: Why? Why are they STILL doing these five-second Corbin vs. jobber matches? It seems like they’ve been doing this for ages.