NXT Review – NXT Packs Its Bags for London

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12/10/15 – Scott Strandberg – @wrestlerosters

Samoa Joe and Baron Corbin def. Finn Balor and Apollo Crews by referee stoppage

Finn hit a dropkick on Corbin, and Crews hit one of his own on Joe. Joe and Corbin managed to keep Crews contained in their corner for a while, but Finn made his way back into the match. Finn reversed a Musclebuster into a sunset flip for two, following up with a Sling Blade and a corner dropkick.

Finn climbed up top, but Corbin shoved him into Joe’s waiting arms. Joe hit an Island Driver and locked in a Coquina Clutch. Finn passed out in the hold, giving Joe and Corbin the win.

Scott’s Thoughts: A pretty standard go-home tag match. WWE has overused the “passing out in the hold” finish on the main roster over the last year or so, and it didn’t feel any fresher here. Still, not much to complain about. Solid work.

Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley def. Blake and Murphy (w/ Alexa Bliss) by pinfall

Alexa ripped into Blake and Murphy backstage, saying that they consistently fail to cash in on the opportunities she creates for them. Mojo and Ryder dominated early, with Ryder decking Murphy with a missile dropkick, then hitting a flapjack on Blake. Ryder followed up with a Broski Boot, but Murphy made the save.

Blake and Murphy kept Ryder isolated in their corner, until he finally reached Mojo for the hot tag. Mojo hit a discus forearm on Blake, but Murphy broke up the pinfall. With the referee distracted, Blake raked Mojo’s eyes and Murphy followed with a superkick.

Ryder still managed to tag in, dumping Murphy from the ring, and he combined with Mojo for a HypeRyder to finish off Blake and Murphy.

Scott’s Thoughts: The new “Nightmare on Elm Street” inspired gear for Alexa is fantastic, although I’m less enthused about Blake and Murphy’s new gear, which isn’t really any better than their old gear. This win for the Hype Bros might put them in line for a future title shot, which I guess I wouldn’t mind.

Bayley def. Peyton Royce by pinfall

Royce hit a running knee strike and a spinning heel kick to earn a near-fall. Bayley responded with a bulldog and a T-bone suplex, but Royce hit a jawbreaker for another two-count. Bayley hit a Bayley-to-Belly out of nowhere to earn the pinfall.

After the match, Nia Jax and Eva Marie entered. Jax told Eva that she doesn’t need her to do the talking, and told Bayley she’s lucky Jax didn’t show up earlier than she did, because Bayley never would have held the title in the first place.

Scott’s Thoughts: That was definitely more competitive than expected. Bayley looked vulnerable, and the post-match threat from Jax was simple but effective.

Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady (w/ Carmella) def. Corey Hollis and John Skyler by pinfall

Enzo, Cass and Carmella ditched their entrance catchphrases, instead heading to the ring with no-nonsense looks on their faces. Enzo hit a running crossbody and a dropkick, and Cass added a spinning side slam. Enzo hit a frog splash for the squash victory.

After the match, Enzo cut a promo about how he and Cass are family, and that the only people who control their destiny are themselves. Cass added that he and Enzo have fought so hard for so long that they refuse to let guys like Dash and Dawson derail their championship dreams. Cass ended the segment with an intense, calculated “How you doin?”

Scott’s Thoughts: I thoroughly enjoyed the change in attitude from Enzo and Cass. Their storyline recently has been a relatively serious one, and the more serious tweak in their characters is perfectly suited to the story arc.

Asuka def. Deonna Purrazzo by knockout

Asuka quickly cinched in an armbar, but Purrazzo reached the ropes to break the hold. Emma’s music hit and she entered with Dana Brooke, attempting to distract Asuka. It proved ineffective, as Asuka hit a spinning heel kick which knocked Purrazzo out.

Scott’s Thoughts: KO finishes in women’s wrestling are extremely uncommon, so even though it came against a jobber, it still made Asuka look incredibly strong.