NXT Review – Popular Stable Tenuously Reunites

7/8/15 – Scott Strandberg – @wrestlerosters

The BFFs (Sasha Banks and Charlotte) def. Dana Brooke and Emma by submission

Dana asked whether Sasha was really the Boss of NXT, seeing as she had been unable to find a tag partner. Sasha took a mic and said that Dana was right, and that she couldn’t find a partner. She called Dana “Little Miss Piggy,” before saying that she’d take on both Dana and Emma.

Suddenly Charlotte entered, telling Sasha she would team with her, but that Sasha will owe her one. Sasha took the deal, and the two showed instant chemistry, as Charlotte planted Dana with a knee drop. Emma tagged in, kicking out of a bridging pinning maneuver from Charlotte.

Charlotte hit a knee drop on Emma, who tagged in Dana for a big boot. The Full Sail crowd tried even harder than usual to put themselves over, with short-lived and obnoxious “Dana’s ratchet” and “We want Sasha” chants. Dana hit a fireman’s carry slam on Charlotte for a two-count.

Charlotte reached Sasha for the hot tag, and she hit clotheslines and a Thesz press on Dana. Sasha followed up with two running double-knees, forcing Emma to make the save. Sasha tossed Emma from the ring and locked in the Bank Statement on Dana. Emma tried to make another save, but Charlotte locked her in a bridging figure-four, as Dana tapped out to Sasha.

After the match, Charlotte and Sasha grinned at each other before shaking hands and hugging. Charlotte picked up a mic and said that as her favor from Sasha, she wants a championship match next week. Sasha accepted Charlotte’s challenge without hesitation.

Scott’s Thoughts: I liked how Charlotte and Sasha worked together, despite their tenuously opposite face/heel dynamics. Reforming the BFFs for a short run in NXT would be a really good way to transition Charlotte and Sasha to the main roster together, as they could join up with Paige in her fight against the Bellas.


The Vaudevillains def. Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady (w/ Carmella) by pinfall to become the #1 Contenders to the NXT Tag Team Championship

Cass hit a side slam on English for a two-count, following up with a gorilla press slam. Enzo tagged in and hit an assisted senton for another near-fall, but he then ran straight into an English big boot. English fought back with a knee drop, earning a two-count of his own.

Enzo hit a jawbreaker, but English responded with a leg drop. Enzo finally reached Cass for the hot tag, and Cass hit a gorilla press slam on English. English took advantage of a distraction by Gotch to roll Cass up for two, but Cass delivered a big boot to English.

Cass hit a spinning side slam on Gotch, tagging in Enzo. As they set up for the assisted frog splash, Gotch pulled Cass out of the ring. Enzo went for a flying crossbody on English, but English rolled through to earn the pinfall.

Scott’s Thoughts: I mean…okay. So we have a heels-vs-heels feud coming our way for the titles. This just reinforces my belief that Enzo and Cass absolutely should have gone over Blake and Murphy. As for those of you who claim The Vaudevillains have been less heelish lately (mostly because they yet again have new music), take note of the fact that this was a classic heel victory. I like The Vaudevillains fine as an NXT act, but as I’ve said many times, I don’t see how this gimmick has a future on the main roster.


Solomon Crowe def. Marcus Louis by pinfall

Louis doesn’t even have entrance music. He’s also still doing his “my mouth is wide open and I’m bald” gimmick, but now he is also wearing a pair of black Wrangler jeans. This is among the worst wrestling gimmicks I’ve ever seen, and there have been lots and lots of those.

Throughout the match, Louis hissed, panted and whimpered. Crowe hit a neckbreaker and a basement dropkick, setting up the Stretch Muffler (which is now called the Crowebar), earning the submission.

Scott’s Thoughts: Poor Marcus Louis. I can only imagine how embarrassed he is to be doing this crap.


– Chad Gable said that Jason Jordan doesn’t want to be a winner, and that he wants to stay at the bottom of the ladder in NXT. Otherwise, he said that Jordan would accept his tag-team offer. Jordan entered and finally accepted Gable’s request to be tag partners. It can’t be a bad thing for NXT to add another legitimate tag team to the mix.

– The entire Finn Balor vs. Kevin Owens title match from Beast in the East aired during this week’s program. I felt that this was a pretty cheap filler tactic. Seeing as one has to have the WWE Network to watch both NXT and Beast in the East, anyone who wanted to see the match has probably seen it several times already.