NXT Review – Samoa Joe and Tyler Breeze Settle the Score

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10/28/15 – Scott Strandberg – @wrestlerosters

Samoa Joe def. Tyler Breeze by submission

Breeze knocked Joe down with a clothesline, then posed on the turnbuckle. Joe got up and kicked Breeze off the top rope. As Breeze rolled outside to recover, Joe hit an impressive dive between the ropes on Breeze.

Joe got Breeze back into the ring and hit an enziguiri, followed by a knee drop for a two-count. Breeze answered with a modified backstabber and a dropkick, earning a near-fall of his own. Breeze stayed on the offensive, hitting a leg drop and locking in a crossface.

Joe fought his way out of the hold and hit an inverted atomic drop, a big boot and a running senton. Joe nailed Breeze with a slick scoopslam, then planted him with a lifting side slam. Joe set up for the Musclebuster, but Breeze rolled through and nearly pinned Joe with a sunset flip.

Breeze hit a Supermodel Kick, nearly earning the pinfall again. The two exchanged stiff shots in the middle of the ring, until Joe rolled through a Breeze pin attempt, transitioning into a Kokina Clutch. Breeze tried to escape the hold, but failed to do so and tapped out.

Scott’s Thoughts: A rock-solid main-event match from two of NXT’s best. Breeze got in enough offense to make the near-falls exciting, and the finish was brilliant, with Joe using Breeze’s cleverness against him, reversing a pin attempt and locking in a rear naked choke. I would imagine Breeze doesn’t have too many NXT matches left, seeing as he’s now on the main roster, but he’s certainly going out in style.

Jason Jordan and Chad Gable def. Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano by pinfall

Gable hit a leapfrog on Ciampa, and the two entered a slightly tongue-in-cheek — and very entertaining — mat-based exchange. Gable hit a drop toehold into an armbar that he applied so well — and Ciampa sold so perfectly — that the crowd gave them a standing ovation. Gargano hit a double footstomp on Jordan, which Ciampa followed with a running knee strike.

Jordan slammed Gargano into the turnbuckles, and Gable tagged in, pausing to thank Jordan for tagging him in as he did so. Gargano hit Gable with a step-up enziguiri, but Gable fought back with a single-leg leapfrog on Ciampa. With Gable following him, Ciampa ran the ropes and slipped out of the ring, just as Gargano dove through the ropes to spear Gable.

Ciampa drove Gable face-first into a double boot from Gargano, who followed up with a vertical suplex for two. Gable fought back with a hip toss, tagging in Jordan. Jordan hit dropkicks on both Ciampa and Gargano, followed by a gorgeous overhead belly-to-belly suplex on Ciampa. Jordan hit a spear into the corner and a T-bone suplex, forcing Gargano to make the save.

Ciampa rolled Gable up for a close near-fall, then hit a high knee/enziguiri combo with Gargano on Jordan. The ref was distracted by Gable and didn’t see Gargano’s cheap shot, and allowed him to tag in. Gargano hit a springboard tornado DDT, but Gable broke up the pinfall.

Gargano and Ciampa tried for a double suplex on Jordan, but he knocked Gargano from the ring and quickly grounded Ciampa. Jordan picked Ciampa up, tagged in Gable, and tossed Ciampa into Gable’s arms for a bridging side suplex to earn the pinfall.

Scott’s Thoughts: Now that’s an entertaining tag team match. Given nearly 15 minutes from bell to bell, the teams had plenty of time to build the pace and tension. All four wrestlers are very much over with the NXT Universe, and fully lived up to the potential of this match. There was masterful technique, high spots, just a bit of comedy, and an overabundance of athleticism. The potential is sky-high for both of these teams.

Nia Jax def. Kay Lee Ray by pinfall

Nia has new ring gear, which is basically just a ripoff of Awesome Kong/Kharma, but it definitely makes her look significantly less out of shape than she did in her debut. Part of that is probably due to the fact that her new ring gear prominently features a girdle. Nia hit an elbow drop, but Kay Lee answered with two dropkicks. Kay Lee tried for a springboard crossbody, but Nia caught her and hit a spinebuster. Nia finished Kay Lee off with a leg drop.

Scott’s Thoughts: Where are all these new jobber women coming from? Kay Lee is like the fifth one this month. As for Nia, the new ring gear is a step in the right direction. Still, she’s pretty clearly in poor physical condition by modern wrestling standards, and while she’s relatively smooth in the ring, she’s so big that it hinders her speed and athleticism. The NXT training regimen can do some amazing things, so I’m certainly not writing off Nia yet. If she commits to getting in shape, I could certainly see her as a legitimate threat.

Emma (w/ Dana Brooke) def. Shazza by submission

Emma sent Shazza flying into the ring post, then hit an Emma Sandwich and the Emma Lock. Shazza tapped out.

Scott’s Thoughts: Shazza is a hilariously jobbery name, and she also looks like a videogame Create-a-Wrestler template.

  • Apollo Crews received a promo package, and again came off as a genuine, heartfelt individual. I’m looking forward to his title match against Finn Balor next week.
  • Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson attacked Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady on their way to the ring, and Dash tried to break Cass’ leg with an assisted stomp from the second rope. Seems like these teams have more in store for us.
  • James Storm cut a quick promo with Tom Phillips, telling Phillips that if anyone isn’t happy about Storm being here, he can tell them “Sorry about your damn luck!” I love how Storm is keeping his entire exact gimmick from TNA. He’s such a great addition to NXT.