NXT Review – Takeover Dallas Fallout

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4/6/16 – Scott Strandberg – @wrestlerosters

NXT recaps Takeover London with backstage interviews

  • Chad Gable and Jason Jordan cut a heartfelt promo, in which Gable had to take over for Jordan, who grew too emotional to speak. Gable discussed how honored he was to help Jordan reach his dreams. It was nice to see how much this win meant for Jordan, who lingered at the bottom of the NXT card for so long before Gable arrived.
  • Austin Aries called himself the most polarizing figure “in professional wrestling…or sports entertainment.” Aries said that he made Baron Corbin respect him, and added that whether people like it or not, he’s not going anywhere. This was an interesting interview, as he certainly hinted at a more heelish direction.
  • Finn Balor said that he doesn’t know how much longer he can fend off Samoa Joe, even though he had just retained his title against Joe. Finn said that he hadn’t won, he’d merely survived another of Joe’s challenges. Good job by Finn to put Joe over in this promo, and even keep open the possibility of Joe remaining in the title picture.
  • Bayley expressed her disappointment at losing her title to Asuka, saying that Asuka had an answer for everything she tried. This wasn’t very notable.
  • Sami Zayn said that his loss to Shinsuke Nakamura was hard to put into words. Nakamura simply said “Strong style has arrived.”

Apollo Crews def. Elias Samson by pinfall

Samson played a song in the ring which was just plain horrible. His singing was terribly off-key and the song was bad. The crowd cut him off with a “We want wrestling” chant, and Apollo entered.

Crews hit a dropkick, then rolled through a gorilla press slam from Samson into an armbar. Samson fought back with two knee drops and a dropkick. Samson tried for a leverage pin on the ropes, but Crews still kicked out.

Crews answered with an enziguiri and Samson rolled out of the ring, but Crews caught him with an apron moonsault. Back in the ring, Crews hit a gorilla press, but Samson got his knees up to stop Crews’ standing moonsault. Crews hit a toss powerbomb to earn the pinfall.

Scott’s Thoughts: There were long stretches of this match in which nothing really happened. This got considerably more time than it probably should have. No one wants to see that much of The Drifter.