NXT Review – Takeover Undercard Underwhelms

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8/26/15 – Scott Strandberg – @wrestlerosters

Emma def. Becky Lynch, Charlotte and Dana Brooke in a fatal four-way

Lengthy promo packages for each of the four wrestlers aired throughout the show, leading up to the match. Becky and Charlotte dumped Emma from the ring and hit a double dropkick on Dana, clearing the ring for themselves to have a solid mat-based exchange. Charlotte hooked in a headscissor and whipped Becky around the ring.

Dana and Emma attacked Charlotte outside the ring, driving her stiffly into the barricade. Dana and Emma teamed up on Becky in the ring, while keeping Charlotte out. Dana and Emma hit a double suplex on Becky, and Emma hit a baseball slide on Charlotte to prevent her from returning to the ring again.

Emma hit a double-underhook suplex on Becky, but Dana broke up the pinfall. Emma shoved Dana, but Dana responded with an enziguiri. Charlotte slid back into the ring, hitting a neckbreaker on Dana, and a big boot on Emma.

Charlotte hit a double DDT on Emma and Dana, covering each woman for a near-fall. Becky perched on the top rope and hit a missile dropkick on Charlotte, as Emma and Dana dove out of the way. Becky hit a spinning heel kick on Dana, and a pumphandle suplex on Emma.

Becky hit a springboard thrist kick and a t-bone suplex on Dana, but Emma made the save. Emma hit Emma Sandwiches on both Charlotte and Becky, then covered Becky. Becky didn’t kick out, and Emma recorded the pinfall in a very clearly botched finish.

It was clear that someone was supposed to break the pinfall but didn’t. After the match, Charlotte speared Emma and counted her own pinfall, perhaps demonstrating the intended finish. Charlotte and Becky locked in submissions, then left the ring.

Scott’s Thoughts: The shame about the botched finish is that the match was very good up until that point. However, holy crap did that ever stick out. I wonder who was supposed to win, because Emma incredulously asked referee Drake Weurtz “What?!” when he counted the pinfall for her victory. I don’t know whose fault this was, but it was very awkward.

Enzo Amore, Colin Cassady, Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley def. Jason Jordan, Chad Gable, Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson by pinfall

Ryder hit an early missile dropkick on Dawson, and chaos quickly broke loose between all eight men. The faces cleared the ring, isolating Dash in the ring for a Broski Boot from Ryder. Cass tossed Enzo over the top rope, knocking down all three of their other opponents.

The heels quickly isolated Enzo once they got back in the ring, exchanging quick tags. Enzo fought back with a diving DDT on Dash, shoved Gable off the apron, and reached Cass for the hot tag. Cass knocked the hilariously outsized Gable with down clotheslines, a big boot and the Empire Elbow, but Jordan made the save.

After pretty much everyone hit their finishers, Cass hit a massive 360 spinning side slam. Cass tagged in Enzo for the assisted frog splash, earning the pinfall.

Scott’s Thoughts: Enzo and Cass’ entrance sure does sound awesome with ~16,000 people chanting along with them. The quick pace — and how insanely over Enzo and Cass are, especially in Brooklyn — made this better than the usual random eight-man tag.

Eva Marie def. Carmella by pinfall

The crowd booed Eva mercilessly, chanting “you can’t wrestle.” Carmella hit an atomic drop and a single-leg dropkick, but Eva fought back with an awkward running senton. The crowd reaction was clearly altered at one point, because it was muted, and came back with completely different audio.

Carmella hit a second-rope hurricanrana, followed by consecutive Thesz presses. Eva responded with a jawbreaker and a shiranui to earn the pinfall.

Scott’s Thoughts: This was not good. I’m not sure how they expected the Brooklyn crowd to react to an Eva Marie match.

Bull Dempsey def. Elias Sampson by pinfall

Elias Sampson entered with a new gimmick, “The Drifter,” which basically means he carries around an acoustic guitar. The match got off to a very slow start until Bull hit a one-armed back bodydrop. Bull climbed up top and hit a flying leg drop for the pinfall.

Scott’s Thoughts: There is a shred of promise to this “Bull Fit” thing, but “The Drifter” is a hilariously bad gimmick. This match was unremarkable.

  • William Regal was about to announce the lineup for the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Tournament, when Neville entered and asked him if there was still space left. Regal said that he could find a spot for a man with a decorated NXT past like Neville. Later in the show, Baron Corbin asked for a spot as well. Regal paired Corbin with Rhyno against The Ascension for next week’s show.
  • Tyler Breeze cut a quick backstage promo, saying that he’s not even close to being done with Jushin Thunder Liger, but for now he has bigger plans.
  • Alexa Bliss challenged Blue Pants to a match on next week’s show.