NXT Review – William Regal Books a Match for the Ages

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9/16/15 – Scott Strandberg – @wrestlerosters

William Regal books Sasha Banks and Bayley into historic title match; Bayley def. Sarah Dobson by pinfall

Early on in the show, Sasha Banks arrived in an Escalade. Bayley made her entrance and ran around the arena, celebrating her title victory with fans. She brought a young fan into the ring and had her high-five the crowd with her, before giving the girl a hug and handing her back to her father in the stands. The crowd chanted “You deserve it” as the match began, and Dobson hit a drop toehold that sent Bayley into the second rope.

Dobson followed up with a creative running handstand footstomp for two, then locked in a side headlock, rolling through to increase leverage. Bayley picked Dobson up and drove her into the corner, following up with a T-bone suplex and a Belly-to-Bayley for the three-count.

Bayley picked up a mic, but as soon as she started to speak, Sasha appeared on the ramp. Sasha entered the ring, saying that she came to congratulate Bayley. Sasha said that ever since Takeover, all she’s been hearing is how she and Bayley stole the show. The crowd chanted “Yes you did,” and Sasha said they put on the match of the year.

Sasha went on to say it was the greatest women’s match this company has ever seen, and got tears in her eyes as the crowd chanted “Match of the year.” Sasha said that was great, but that she wasn’t here to put on great matches, she’s here to be the best.

Sasha told Bayley that she only bested her for three seconds, and could never do it again. Bayley said that she had her own legacy to start, and that if Sasha wants a rematch, she has no problem with it. She asked Sasha when she wanted her rematch, and Sasha told her that she didn’t want it.

Sasha said she is out to prove that she’s the best female wrestler in the company. Bayley said that if she wants something decisive, perhaps they should have a 2-out-of-3 falls match. Sasha said that wasn’t enough, because she wants to beat her again and again and again.

The crowd started chanting “Ironwoman,” and William Regal’s music hit. Regal said he’s heard enough to realize they have a tremendous opportunity, and announced that at the next Takeover special, Sasha will get her rematch. Regal said he would up the ante, and said that Bayley vs. Sasha will be the main event.

Regal decided to up the ante even more, and booked Sasha and Bayley into a 30-minute Ironman match. The crowd deservedly chanted “Holy shit” at the news, then chanted “Ironwoman” again as Bayley and Sasha shook hands with a mutual smirk.

Scott’s Thoughts: Oh man. Not only do Sasha and Bayley get to headline the next Takeover special, but it’s an Ironman match?! I don’t remember the last time I loved an idea this much. Sasha showed a lot of fire in her promo, and I cannot help but smile every time I see Bayley. WWE has found something truly special in her.

Bayley is such a sympathetic character, but her passion for the industry and clearly good-natured real-life persona make her an undeniable talent. There’s no ceiling for her. She honestly could become the female John Cena someday, and I mean that in the best way possible.

Rhyno and Baron Corbin def. Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano by pinfall in the 2nd round of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

Ciampa and Rhyno exchanged violent chops, then traded stiff back elbows. Ciampa nearly decapitated Rhyno with a clothesline, and hit a running knee as Gargano tagged in and nailed Rhyno with a double footstomp. Gargano took out Corbin with a dive between the ropes, then tossed Rhyno from the ring and hit him with a dive as well.

Ciampa climbed up top and hit a corkscrew crossbody onto Rhyno and Corbin on the floor. Back in the ring, Ciampa and Gargano hit Rhyno with tandem dropkicks, but Rhyno responded with a stiff lariat on Ciampa. Corbin tagged in and Ciampa hit him with a big boot, but Corbin responded with a fantastic tilt-a-whirl slam.

Rhyno added a knee drop on Ciampa, and the two traded kicks to the head. Ciampa tried for a sunset flip, but Rhyno tossed him into the corner. Rhyno and Corbin exchanged tags, wearing Ciampa down in their corner. Rhyno took Ciampa up top, but Ciampa knocked him to the mat and hit a top-rope missile dropkick.

Both men made hot tags, and Gargano took Corbin down with a dropkick, followed by a roll-through kick. Gargano planted Corbin with a springboard reverse DDT. When Corbin tried to throw him into a Gore from Rhyno, Gargano slipped out of the way and hit Corbin with an enziguiri for a very close false finish. Corbin immediately responded with The End of Days to finish off Gargano.

Scott’s Thoughts: Wow. That was an exceptional tag-team match. All four wrestlers looked like gold, even Corbin, who quite easily wrestled his best match to date. I loved how stiffly Rhyno and Ciampa fought each other, and Corbin proved that he can be a solid big-man base for smaller athletic competitors like Ciampa and Gargano. Easily the best match yet in the Dusty Classic.

Everybody wants a piece of Prince Pretty

Adam Rose entered and said “It’s official. The WWE Universe took a big, hot steaming poop on the Adam Rose party. So now, NXT, it is my turn to take a big, hot steaming poop on yours. I am Adam Rose, and there is no more fun allowed!” The crowd chanted “party pooper” at him, while Tyler Breeze looked on in confusion from the corner of the ring.

Bull Dempsey entered, and told Breeze he was going to get him back for turning on him last week in their match. Breeze asked Bull what gave him the idea he could come interrupt his match with Rose, and Bull laid on the top rope, mocking Breeze’s entrance pose. Breeze told Bull that their pairing was an accident, just like the day of Bull’s birth.

Breeze accused Bull of costing him the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, but he was too busy with Rose to bother with Bull at the moment. Bull asked Rose to give him the ring, and Rose said that he’s here to deal with his unfinished business with Breeze from Takeover several months back. Rose slapped Rose, but Bull knocked him down and out of the ring.

Breeze attacked Bull from behind, but Bull got the upper hand and Breeze escaped the ring, running up the ramp. Bull demanded a match, but Breeze refused. Backstage, Breeze accepted Bull’s challenge, but said the match would take place next week.

Scott’s Thoughts: I want that Bull-Fit shirt. It’s hilarious. Also, when did Bull Dempsey get crazy-over as a face? I’m honestly really enjoying the Bull-Fit gimmick tweak, and Bull is surprisingly effective on the mic as a babyface. Breeze was tremendous, as always. His voice is delightfully obnoxious. Rose felt a bit out of place, but that’s better than most situations he’s found himself in recently.

Apollo Crews def. Solomon Crowe by pinfall

Crews and Crowe fought out of each other’s headscissors, and Crews hit a dropkick. Crews picked up Crowe for a deadlift vertical suplex, sending Crowe out of the ring. Crews tried for a baseball slide, but Crowe pulled the ring apron over him and hit him with numerous strikes.

Back in the ring, Crowe hit a lariat for a near-fall. Crews responded with a jawbreaker and a big boot, followed by a leaping lariat and an enziguiri. Crews hit a gorilla press into a standing moonsault for the pinfall.

Scott’s Thoughts: Crews continues to make one heck of an impression in NXT. As for Crowe, it seems like he’s doomed to glorified jobber status until he gets a gimmick change.

Tye Dillinger def. Danny Burch by pinfall

Dillinger hit Burch with a short-arm clothesline, followed with a side Russian legsweep. Dillinger pulled down his knee guard, driving his knee into Burch’s head as he fell to the mat, pinning Burch for the victory.

Scott’s Thoughts: Dillinger’s “Perfect 10” gimmick is pretty great, but I’m not sure about that new finisher. I had completely forgotten about Danny Burch. Where has this guy been?

  • The Hype Bros (Zack Ryder and Mojo Rawley) def. Noah Kekoa and Alexander Wolfe in the first round of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, in a house-show highlight segment narrated by Kyle Edwards, formerly known as Baltimore Sun wrestling columnist Arda Ocal. Surprisingly, The Vaudevillains def. Blake and Murphy (w/ Alexa Bliss) at a house show as well. Edwards announced that The Vaudevillains vs. Dash and Dawson will take place at one of this weekend’s Texas shows.
  • Alexa Bliss announced that Blake and Murphy are exercising their rematch clause on next week’s show.