Ring of Honor Review – Lethal Defends World Title Against Goto

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3/30/16 – Scott Strandberg – @wrestlerosters

Jay Lethal def. Hirooki Goto by pinfall to retain the Ring of Honor World Heavyweight Championship

Lethal took advantage of an early distraction by Hendrix to toss Goto from the ring and hit a suicide dive. Truth did a Trutharooni to rub it in, but Goto fought back with a spinning heel kick to Lethal. Goto hit a Saito suplex for a near-fall, followed by a backbreaker.

Lethal used distractions from Hendrix and Truth to hit a superkick, following up with the Lethal Injection for the pinfall. After the match, Donovan Dijak entered the ring with Prince Nana and attacked Lethal, clearing him from the ring before hitting a spin kick on Truth.

Scott’s Thoughts: An underwhelming main event. They didn’t get very much time, but the pacing was still rather slow. The Dijak angle after the match was fun, and likely sets up a match with Lethal in the near-future. For more on Dijak, listen to our recent podcast episode with Donovan as our guest.

Roderick Strong def. Matt Sydal, Moose and Adam Page in a four corners match

Sydal and Strong opened the match, with Sydal hitting a spinning heel kick. Strong answered with a backbreaker, but Page tagged himself in and landed a missile dropkick on Strong. Moose tagged in next, adding a powerbomb to Strong and a dropkick to Page.

Sydal hit a standing moonsault on Page for a near-fall, then delivered a top-rope hurricanrana to Moose. Page fought back with a DDT on Strong, followed by a German suplex to Sydal. BJ Whitmer ran in to make a distraction, allowing Sydal to hit a shooting star press. Strong picked up Sydal and gave him a backbreaker, then pinned Page after a knee strike.

Scott’s Thoughts: There wasn’t any clear reason for these four to be encountering each other in a four-way, but the match itself still delivered. Strong and Sydal are two of the best workers in the company, and were more than capable of putting on a solid match with Moose and Page.

Matt Taven confronts Adam Cole over the future of The Kingdom

Cole said that due to his recent losses to Jay Lethal and Matt Sydal, his stock may have fallen, but he’s still the best wrestler on the planet. He promised to keep Kyle O’Reilly away from the World Championship, while claiming his position as Lethal’s eventual successor. Taven entered on a crutch with a knee brace, and hugged Cole in the ring.

Taven said that The Kingdom is back, but said that included everyone but Cole. Taven berated Cole for his inability to win the title, and said that he was wrong in thinking that teaming with Cole would boost his own stock. Taven said that he will rebuild The Kingdom in his image, and that Cole has no place in that vision.

Scott’s Thoughts: It’s an interesting move by ROH to keep Taven on television while he recovers from his injury, so I’m assuming they have some solid plans for The New Kingdom. However, I remain skeptical, seeing as reincarnations of factions are rarely effective.

Cheeseburger vs. Foxx Vinyer ended in a no contest, due to interference from the All Night Express

Foxx hit a powerslam, and Cheeseburger was about to fight back with a palm strike when All Night Express entered and attacked Foxx. King and Titus tried to convince Cheeseburger that they were on his side, saying that the fans don’t actually care about him like they claim to. They then attacked Cheeseburger and left him lying in the middle of the ring. The Briscoes and War Machine finally entered to make the save.

Scott’s Thoughts: This segment should have put more heat on All Night Express than it did, but the crowd didn’t really seem to be into it, and I wasn’t either.