Ring of Honor Review – Major Feuds Build to 14th Anniversary

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2/24/16 – Scott Strandberg – @wrestlerosters

The Briscoe Brothers def. ACH and Alex Shelley by pinfall

With Christopher Daniels sitting in on commentary, ACH hit Mark and Jay with dropkicks. Shelley hit a flying crossbody on Mark, with ACH adding a step-up enziguiri to Mark and a plancha to Jay. Shelley hit a top-rope bulldog on Mark, forcing Jay to make the save.

ACH hit a brainbuster on Jay, but Mark hit ACH with an exploder suplex. Shelley nailed Jay with a superkick, setting up ACH for the finish, until Daniels made a distraction. Shelley went after Daniels as the Briscoes hit Doomsday Device on ACH, earning Mark the pinfall.

After the match, Chris Sabin and Frankie Kazarian entered, and The Addiction held Shelley up for Sabin. Sabin hesitated long enough to allow ACH to pull Shelley from the ring, ending the show.

Scott’s Thoughts: A fun — if unspectacular — main event match, leading to a tense post-match moment between Sabin and The Addiction. For a mostly filler go-home show, this episode was still entertaining more than it was not.

Roderick Strong def. Jonathan Gresham by pinfall to retain the ROH Television Championship

Veda Scott offered Gresham a deal, in which he would sacrifice his match to Cedric Alexander, and also to leave ROH forever. Quite the bargain. Gresham sent Scott from the ring, and the match got underway. Strong hit a backbreaker when Gresham tried for a springboard.

Gresham attempted a move off the turnbuckle, but fell straight into a Strong dropkick for two. Gresham maneuvered his way into a hammerlock, and went to work on Roddy’s left arm. Gresham cinched in an ankle lock, and nearly pinned Strong with a crucifix. Strong hit a running knee strike to earn the pinfall. After the match, Bobby Fish entered and brawled briefly with Strong.

Scott’s Thoughts: Just a warmup for Strong before his 14th Anniversary title defense against Fish, and it worked well for what it was.

Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly confront The House of Truth

Cole said that O’Reilly doesn’t deserve to be in the title picture, and he would make sure Kyle is never world champ. The House of Truth interrupted, and Lethal said that O’Reilly is just a kid, and that Cole should let him prove that the house always wins. Lethal said he didn’t want to wait until Friday, and O’Reilly entered. All three men brawled around the ring, with O’Reilly coming out on top.

Scott’s Thoughts: This match was already built, so this was just a quick reminder for lapsed fans.

War Machine def. Brutal Bob Evans and Jim Hughes by pinfall

Rowe hit an exploder suplex on Hughes, and Hanson added a sidewalk slam. Rowe hit a gutbuster and a powerbomb, which Hanson followed with a second-rope splash. All Night Express entered, with Kenny King referring to War Machine as “bearded bitches.”

Scott’s Thoughts: A pure squash that merely served as a setup for the mild post-match angle.

BJ Whitmer def. Chase Brown by pinfall

Whitmer nearly immediately hit an exploder suplex for the squash win. Whitmer took a microphone, but Steve Corino interrupted. Whitmer said he was sick of keeping Corino relevant, and Adam Page attacked Whitmer from behind.

Scott’s Thoughts: Same as above. “A pure squash that merely served as a setup for the mild post-match angle.”