Ring of Honor Review – ROH Sends Bennett and Maria out on Their Backs

1/20/16 – Scott Strandberg – @wrestlerosters

The Young Bucks def. Adam Cole & Michael Bennett (w/ Maria Kanellis and Matt Taven) and ReDragon in a Philadelphia Street Fight

The Bucks took out ReDragon on the entrance ramp, then hit The Kingdom with superkicks. ReDragon entered the ring and retaliated against the Bucks. Chaos broke out all over the ringside area, until Matt Jackson hit a jawbreaker onto a chair on Cole.

Matt drilled Cole with a chair shot, as O’Reilly dove off the apron into a superkick from Nick. The Bucks put Cole into a shopping cart on the entrance stage, rolled it down the ramp and superkicked him. ReDragon took control of the match, hitting Double Dragon on Matt.

The Kingdom took out ReDragon with a ladder, and Cole nailed The Bucks with the ladder as well. ReDragon hit Cole with chairs, and O’Reilly added a diving knee strike with a chair to Cole’s head. ReDragon set up the ladder between two chairs, but Bennett sent O’Reilly through the ladder with a spinebuster.

The Bucks set up another ladder against the second rope and powerbombed Bennett through it. They set up Bennett on the broken ladder and hit him with a Swanton Bomb. The Bucks hit More Bang for Your Buck, but Cole pulled Todd Sinclair out of the ring before he could count the pinfall.

The Bucks tried to superkick Cole near the announce table, but hit Kevin Kelly instead, sending Mr. Wrestling III into a frenzy on commentary. Back in the ring, Cole hit a destroyer on Nick, but Matt superkicked him, before eating a superkick from Bennett. ReDragon hit Chasing the Dragon on Bennett outside the ring, as Mr. Wrestling III declared that he’s “losing my masked mind!”

Cole and O’Reilly brawled their way up the entrance ramp, and Fish speared Bennett through a table. Back in the ring, The Bucks hit a double superkick on Fish that sent him through a table on the outside. Nick hit Fish with a frog splash onto the floor, then set up Bennett in a chair in the ring, with a birthday hat on his head.

The Bucks called for a Superkick Party, but Maria hit them both with low blows. Bennett picked up the chair, but AJ Styles appeared out of nowhere and hit him with Bloody Sunday. Maria tried to pick up the chair, but AJ stepped on it and tossed Maria to Matt, who set her up for a piledriver.

The Bucks hit Maria with a Meltzer Driver, then hit one on Bennett as well. The Bucks superkicked Bennett into a Styles Clash, then double-team pinned him for one hell of a sendoff from Ring of Honor.

Scott’s Thoughts: ROH wasn’t about to allow Bennett and Maria leave without a proper goodbye, and this was a hilarious and thoroughly entertaining way to do it. Also, Mr. Wrestling III’s reaction to Kevin Kelly getting superkicked was absolutely priceless. This match didn’t serve any real purpose other than to send Maria and Bennett out on their backs, and it certainly accomplished that goal.

The Addiction (w/ Chris Sabin) def. ACH and Alex Shelley by pinfall; Nigel McGuinness suspends Christopher Daniels from Ring of Honor

Shelley hit Kazarian with a hip toss and a basement dropkick, but Sabin climbed up on the apron to distract Shelley. Kazarian rolled Shelley up for two, and ACH tagged in to deliver a spinning heel kick. Sabin grabbed ACH’s foot, allowing Daniels to tag in, but ACH landed dropkicks on both members of The Addiction.

Daniels planted ACH with a second-rope falcon arrow, following up with an STO. Shelley tagged in for a single-leg missile dropkick on Kazarian, then hit him with a drop toehold into the turnbuckles. Shelley came up empty on a double-stomp, but ACH tagged in and hit a flying crossbody on Kazarian, adding an enziguiri to Daniels.

Shelley hit an enziguiri, which ACH bridged into a German suplex, forcing Kazarian to make the save. ACH hit a combination neckbreaker/stunner on The Addiction, but again Sabin made the distraction, allowing The Addiction to hit Celebrity Rehab on ACH to earn the pinfall. After the bell, Sabin joined The Addiction in the ring as they hit Celebrity Rehab on Shelley. Daniels grabbed the hammer from the ring bell and hit the referee in the head with it.

Nigel McGuiness entered and told Daniels he’d had enough, and that it was time for repercussions. Nigel suspended Daniels, warning him that if he didn’t leave immediately, he would make it a year-long suspension. Daniels reluctantly left the arena, escorted by an official.

Scott’s Thoughts: The match itself flowed well, as Sabin’s distractions prevented the faces from ever sustaining momentum. The kayfabe suspension of Daniels thrusts Sabin into an intriguing spot. He could tag with Kazarian until Daniels returns — likely kicking off a true feud between himself and Shelley in the process — or he could reunite with his old friend to put away The Addiction for good. Either way, it should make for compelling midcard storytelling.

Mark Briscoe def. Adam Page (w/ BJ Whitmer and Kolby Corino) by pinfall

Mark hit an early Crane Kick, followed by a brainbuster for a near-fall. Page fought back with a scoopslam that sent Mark into the turnbuckle, but Mark answered with a step-up enziguiri, a dropkick through the ropes, and a blockbuster from the apron. Back in the ring, Mark earned another two-count with a lariat, but Page hit a DDT for a near-fall of his own.

Mark rolled through Rite of Passage and hit a corner dropkick, then hit a fisherman’s brainbuster. Mark climbed up top and hit a Froggy Elbow to earn the three-count. After the match, Whitmer cut a promo, saying that Mr. Wrestling III is actually Steve Corino.

Mr. Wrestling III got in the ring, and Whitmer demanded that he remove his mask. Mr. Wrestling III said that he can never tell a lie, and that he is not Steve Corino. Mr. Wrestling III said that he knows Steve Corino, and that Corino knows someone who wants to take out Whitmer.

Scott’s Thoughts: Pretty standard filler match. Mark pinning Page clean — despite Page having Whitmer and Corino in his corner, and Jay nowhere in sight — doesn’t exactly make Page look strong at all. The Mr. Wrestling III story continues to be hilarious, but Whitmer lacks the charisma to hold up his end of the bargain.

  • Silas Young cut a promo, saying that what happened at Final Battle was a disappointment. Silas said that he had taken the boys in and treated them like family — even “letting them sleep in my basement” and “shovel my driveway.” Silas said that the boys have one final chance to do the right thing and become true men.