Ring of Honor Review – Seven Tag Teams Vie for No. 1 Contendership

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3/16/16 – Scott Strandberg – @wrestlerosters

Rappongi Vice last eliminated Young Bucks to win a gauntlet match for the World Tag Team Titles No. 1 Contendership

The entire show was a tag team gauntlet match, with the winners receiving a tag title shot. ReDragon and Coleman/Ferrara started the match, with Ferrara gaining an early advantage with a hurricanrana on O’Reilly. ReDragon rebounded with a double suplex on Ferrara, but Caprice hit a scissor kick on Fish. ReDragon locked in submission holds simultaneously, and Coleman/Ferrara tapped out. Caprice Coleman and Will Ferrara eliminated by ReDragon.

The House of Truth entered next, and Truth cut a promo against Donovan Dijak. Truth announced Dijak’s replacement, a tiny man named Chris LaRusso, who Truth said was both a martial arts expert and a lawyer. Daddiego hit a powerslam on O’Reilly, which LaRusso followed with a leg drop. O’Reilly locked in a triangle choke on Daddiego, who picked him up into a one-armed spinebuster. LaRusso accidentally kicked Daddiego in the face, leading Truth and Daddiego to walk out on him. O’Reilly quickly submitted LaRusso with a chokehold. Joey Daddiego and Chris LaRusso eliminated by ReDragon.

The Bucks were the next team up, with Nick hitting a springboard facebuster on Fish to start things off. Fish fought back with an exploder suplex into the turnbuckles, but Matt planted O’Reilly with a blockbuster. The Bucks hit a double superkick on O’Reilly, followed by More Bang for Your Buck, earning the pinfall victory. I really enjoyed the Bucks’ work here, as they used a much slower pace than their usual signature spotfests. ReDragon eliminated by Young Bucks.

The Bucks planted Bob and Hughes with three superkicks each as soon as they entered the ring, and the Bucks hit a rope-hung swanton on Hughes to end the quick squash. Brutal Bob Evans and Tim Hughes eliminated by Young Bucks.

Instead of entering through the ramp, The Addiction snuck up behind the Bucks, attacking them to gain an early advantage. Nick managed to hit superkicks on both Kazarian and Daniels, with Matt immediately pinning Daniels with a jackknife. The Addiction retaliated by hitting Celebrity Rehab on Matt after their extremely quick elimination. The Addiction eliminated by Young Bucks.

RPG Vice entered last, and had to fight off The Addiction to make their way to the ring. Romero repeatedly countered the Bucks’ signature moves early on, and RPG Vice hit Matt with Strong Zero to become the No. 1 Contenders. Young Bucks eliminated by Rappongi Vice.

Scott’s Thoughts: An exceptionally fun hour that showcased ROH’s deep tag team division. My only complaint is that the final three falls were all very quick. I didn’t mind any of them in a vacuum, but placing them back-to-back-to-back was a bit of an odd booking choice. Still, it was a fantastic showing for ReDragon and the Bucks, with RPG Vice stealing the late victory from the tired Bucks.