Ring of Honor Review – Sydal and ACH Challenge Young Bucks

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2/17/16 – Scott Strandberg – @wrestlerosters

Matt Sydal and ACH def. The Young Bucks by pinfall

The Bucks got the early advantage with a flurry of superkicks, but Sydal responded with a twisting plancha. ACH ate a superkick from Nick, and Sydal got a double superkick for his troubles. The Bucks hit a double hip toss into a double basement dropkick on ACH.

ACH fought back with a tornado DDT, finally reaching Sydal, who hit a hurricanrana on Matt. Sydal followed up with a standing shooting star, earning a two-count. Nick hit a facebuster on ACH, and when ACH tried for a dive between the ropes, he ate a double superkick.

Back in the ring, the Bucks tried for More Bang for Your Buck, but Sydal countered with a hurricanrana. Sydal came up empty on a shooting star press, and the Bucks strung together tag team moves, including a rope-hung Swanton. Sydal continued to kick out, The Bucks tried for More Bang for Your Buck again, but Sydal got his knees up.

ACH reappeared out of nowhere and hit a double footstomp to the back of Matt. Sydal added a top-rope shooting star press to put Matt away.

Scott’s Thoughts: An expectedly spot-filled and entertaining match. I liked the booking decision to put Sydal/ACH over, because the Bucks can eat a loss here and there without sustaining any long-term damage.

Lio Rush def. Jason Kincaid by pinfall in the first round of the Top Prospect Tournament

ROH fans will remember Kincaid solely because of the woman who held up the “SIGN JASON THE GIFT KINCAID” sign on the hard cam side for the entirety of Best in the World ’14. He is one of the most ridiculous-looking wrestlers I’ve ever seen. His tights have pictures of women and skulls on them, he wears some sort of shoulder cape thing, and he has the world’s worst dreadlocks.

Kincaid landed the first major offensive move, with a wheelbarrow cutter for a near-fall. Rush answered with a Pele kick, then tossed Kincaid outside and hit him with a plancha. Back in the ring, Kincaid responded with a spinebuster into the turnbuckles and hit a rather incredible coast-to-coast springboard dropkick, sending Rush from the ring.

Kincaid hit a flying neckbreaker between the ropes onto the floor, but came up empty on a double stomp back in the ring. Rush answered with an amazingly swift flip powerslam he calls Rush Hour, earning the pinfall.

Scott’s Thoughts: Despite my preconceived distaste for Kincaid following BITW14, he showcased some very impressive athleticism, as did Rush. Rush’s finisher is very cool, and I didn’t even really know how to best describe it. It’s sort of a hybrid between a powerslam and a running swinging neckbreaker. He’s incredibly tiny, which won’t do him any favors, but these guys are both talents to keep an eye on. Best match of the Top Prospect Tournament thus far, in my opinion.

Caprice Coleman and Will Ferrara (w/ Prince Nana) def. Silas Young and Beer City Bruiser by pinfall

Prince Nana joined on commentary, and discussed his interest in Donovan Dijak. Nana said that Truth Martini was out of his mind for letting a talent like Dijak go. Ferrara hit a nice German suplex on Silas, but his attempt to pick up Bruiser was reversed into a crossbody.

Bruiser hit a gorilla press slam, which Silas followed up with a footstomp for two. Bruiser added a side suplex, and Silas followed with a springboard moonsault. Bruiser continued the assault on Ferrara with a running splash, but came up empty on a cannonball, allowing Ferrara to make the hot tag to Caprice.

Caprice hit a scissor kick on Silas, and a springboard dropkick on Bruiser. Caprice nailed a top rope hurricanrana on Silas, but Bruiser made the save. Bruiser took Caprice up top, but Ferrara managed to powerbomb Bruiser. Silas knocked Caprice off the top, then hit a backbreaker on Ferrara. Suddenly, Dalton Castle’s boys entered, allowing Caprice to hit a Sky Splitta for the pinfall victory on a distracted Silas.

Scott’s Thoughts: For a seemingly filler tag-team bout, this was far more entertaining than it had a right to be. It’s nice that Ring of Honor gives its lower-card talent chances to shine like this.

Mark Briscoe def. Tim Hughes by pinfall

Hughes hit a sidewalk slam, but Mark answered with an enziguiri. Mark hit a fisherman buster and Froggy Bow to earn the squash victory.

Scott’s Thoughts: That certainly happened. No one can question that.

  • BJ Whitmer cut a promo, saying that Steve Corino had apparently found someone who can take him out. He said that there’s no one in the dressing room who wants a piece of him. Whitmer called out Corino, who appeared on the entrance ramp. Whitmer challenged Corino to enter the ring, and Corino said that one day it will indeed happen. Corino said the only way to survive is to have eyes in the back of your head, and Page attacked Corino, revealing himself as Corino’s surprise ally. That was underwhelming.