ROH – Major Stars Converge in Main Event


11/4/15 – Andrew Berg – @WrestleRosters


Adam Cole def. AJ Styles and Kyle O’Reilly

ROH has had such a strong run of TV main events that it was hard to imagine how good this triple threat might be. Styles is one of the top workers in the world, Cole has proven himself a world-class all-around talent, and O’Reilly continues to emerge as a main event singles star. All three have been close to Jay Lethal and the ROH Title in the recent past. Yet somehow, the match never reached the fever pitch I expected.


I liked the story that it told from the start. O’Reilly chased Cole and remained preoccupied with getting a measure of retribution after Cole turned on him during his title match with Lethal. He chased Cole around the ring and managed to apply Armageddon very early. Cole responded with his own Figure Four, but it was too early for those moves to end the match. Instead, each wrestler got to his feet for a combination German and vertical suplex. The action moved to the floor, where Styles hit an inverted DDT and Cole followed it with a suicide dive. Back in the ring, Styles suffered a simultaneous Figure Four and Armageddon. O’Reilly got the next near fall with a brain buster. He and Styles traded shots until he got Styles in a triangle choke. Cole superkicked Styles out of the ring and hit O’Reilly with a neckbreaker on his knee to get the pin.


It was an abrupt finish, particularly because it did not seem like Cole’s neckbreaker would end the match. Friends and teammates for each of the men rushed the ring and it turned into a brawl to end the show. Styles stood tall with the Young Bucks to hype his upcoming title match with Lethal. Given the outstanding quality of recent ROH main events and the talent of the men involved, I was surprised that this match never reached the peak level of drama.


Young Bucks def. The Boys

Silas Young and the Beer City Bruiser quickly backed out of their match with the Bucks and put The Boys in the match in their stead. Young took away their peacock costumes and replaced them with tank tops and jeans. The Boys showed that they know how to wrestle, and even managed a couple of offensive spurts against the Bucks. Mostly, though, the Bucks toyed with them and used some strategically-placed superkicks to stay in control. In the end, Matt Jackson carried both Boys across the ring for a rolling senton to kick off a double More Bang for Your Buck. Given his diminutive size, it was impressive that he could carry both opponents, even if they are slight.


I’m enjoying Young’s control of The Boys and the slow development it has received- it will help the payoff when Dalton Castle eventually frees them. As for the Bucks, they are on a great role in ROH and their recent contract makes it more likely that they’ll see titles in their future.


Roderick Strong def. Will Ferrera

Strong has lost a handful of tough matches in big spots on the card lately, so it was very smart to showcase him against some lesser competition to remind fans of how dominant he can be. He used his old school offensive arsenal of suplexes, strikes, and submission holds to keep Ferrara grounded. Eventually, Ferrera strung together some high flying, but it didn’t last long. Strong put him in the Strong Hold and made him tap out.

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