ROH Review – ACH Fails to Break Through Against Fish

7/29/15 – Andrew Berg – @WrestleRosters
Bobby Fish def. ACH
This ROH TV episode came on the heels of the Death Before Dishonor iPPV, so the taped matches could not step on the toes of that show’s results. The outcome was a set of matches without many major stars or much storyline advancement. Fortunately, Fish and ACH exceeded expectations as mid-card wrestlers in the main event and put together an entertaining match.
ACH surprised everyone and joined Fish in some mat-based wrestling to start. When he finally went vertical, he missed a big splash and Fish answered with strikes and an exploder suplex. ACH eventually got on track and nailed a dropkick and an inverted plancha to the floor. He missed a double-foot stomp, which gave Fish a target on ACH’s knee. He hit a dragon screw leg whip to do more damage to that same knee.
ACH overcame the pain and launched another attack. He tried a 450 Splash, but Fish got his knees up and blocked it. ACH found himself in a Fish Hook submission and tried to roll through it into a pin. Fish kicked out and brought ACH to the turnbuckle. He hit him with a super falcon arrow to get a clean win. Given ACH’s gradual march up the card, I was a bit surprised to see him lose to a veteran mid-carder like Fish. Nonetheless, it was another very entertaining match and I’m glad to see ACH getting more TV time.
Steve Corino Rescues His Son
BJ Whitmer cut one of his better Decade promos to antagonize Steve Corino and call himself Colby Corino’s true father figure. Whitmer “gifted” Colby a gauntlet match against four unknown giants. Steve stepped up and rescued his son from the beating while Whitmer continued to try to provoke his longtime adversary. Corino has not wrestled for a year- since Kevin Owens-Steen’s ROH farewell match- but it certainly looks like he’s destined for an imminent return to the ring.
Moose def. Silas Young, Brutal Bob, Caprice Coleman, Dalton Castle, and Cheeseburger in a Six-Man Mayhem Match
Tiers three, four, and five of ROH’s depth chart were heavily represented in this match that would have likely been more entertaining if it revolved around fewer wrestlers. Even with the chaff, Castle was able to shine through and use his stylized offense to gain an advantage. He blocked Moose’s attempt at a spear and each wrestler got a chance to hit one of his signature moves. Castle once again stood out with an impressive deadlift German suplex on Moose. Despite that throw, Moose recovered and hit a spear and pinned Brutal Bob. The finish was a bit clumsy, as it came on the heels of a blown break-up spot by Cheeseburger. ROH talks about how much wins matter, so I guess the point of this match was to give Moose a win.
The Kingdom def. Hollis and Grisham
Michael Bennett and Matt Taven took on two enhancement talents, though the match was little more than a backdrop for a discussion between the announcers and Maria Kanellis about the health of her stable and its relationship with Adam Cole. Bennett and Taven hit superkicks off of the Code of Honor and dominated up to a spike piledriver to get an easy win. The match was inconsequential. The bigger story is what happens next with Cole and The Kingdom as one of ROH’s top wrestlers teases a face turn.