ROH Review – Briscoe and Page Go Hardcore


10/21/15 – Andrew Berg – @WrestleRosters


Jay Briscoe def. Adam Page in a No-DQ Match

To no one’s surprise, the main event match between Briscoe and Page got very violent, very fast. Page met Briscoe’s suicide dive attempt with a chair shot and Briscoe quickly threw a chair back at Page. Mark Briscoe appeared out of nowhere to intercept a crutch that BJ Whitmer tried to pass to Page. Briscoe was unable to slam Page through a chair and Page responded with a DDT onto the same chair.


Briscoe recovered and perched Page on a table outside the ring. He ran along the apron and delivered a double-foot stomp through the table. Briscoe continued the assault by Pillmanizing a chair around Page’s neck and dropping him with a neckbreaker. Page finally managed to get a foot up before Briscoe could drive him through a table set up in the ring. He quickly followed up with a pump handle slam through the table. Page continued to work through a bad shoulder and hit a running shooting star off of the apron.


The wrestlers traded shots back and forth on the apron. Each wrestler set up for his finisher until Briscoe hit Page with a chair. The shot stunned Page enough for Briscoe to put Page through a table with a leaping Jay Driller. By the time Briscoe dragged Page back into the ring, Page managed to kick out before a three count. Page spat in Briscoe’s face and hit him with a boot, but an argument between Steve Corino and Whitmer at ringside distracted him. Briscoe responded with a lariat and another Jay Driller to get the win.


After the bell, Whitmer jumped the exhausted Briscoe with one of his crutches. He continued the assault until Corino climbed in the ring and clocked Whitmer with a roll of quarters. It was a good match that helps take Page to another level. It also planted the seeds for discord with his mentor, Whitmer. Corino hugged his partner Kevin Kelly on the way out, which begs the question of whether he is destined for an in-ring or managerial role in the near future.


All Night Express def. The Addiction

The show opener featured two teams that lost the ROH Tag Titles without being pinned. Both teams argued that they deserved title shots due to their histories, so this match served as a referendum for which one would get there first. Due to his interference, Chris Sabin was ejected almost immediately and the match was reduced to a two-on-two affair. The ejection motivated Kenny King and Rhett Titus to deliver a couple of atomic drop/clothesline combinations.


Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian did not go quietly. They used plenty of their won double-team offense to take over the match. The set-up Daniels used for Kaz’s springboard legdrop was particularly strong. They traded big moves until someone else appeared in a KRD mask and distracted Kaz. Titus’s dropkick led to a powerbomb/neckbreaker combination for the ANX win. Even if this rivalry isn’t at the apex of the tag team division, they’re two entertaining teams who can wrestle good matches. It’s a great example of ROH taking advantage of TNA’s talent drain.


The Kingdom Regroups

On the heels of Adam Cole abruptly turning on Kyle O’Reilly during their recent reconciliation, Cole joined his Kingdom brethren in the ring. Michael Bennett and Adam Taven bragged about their recent Tag Team Title victory and said they would not rest until Cole regains the ROH World Title. Cole said that it offends him that wrestlers like O’Reilly and Michael Elgin are mentioned ahead of him as title contenders. O’Reilly and Bobby Fish marched angrily to the ring and challenged The Kingdom. Elgin also emerged as backup for Redragon to even the odds. It sets up a very interesting six-man rivalry with plenty of layers to the story.