ROH Review – Brisoces Return to Main Event in Tag Action


11/11/15 – Andrew Berg – @WrestleRosters


Briscoe Brothers def. All Night Express

Briscoes matches became a bit stilted during Jay’s undefeated run because it was clear that Mark would take all of the punishment to keep his brother looking strong. Since Jay lost the ROH Title, they have been able to regain their form as an elite tag team, and it was on display in this match. From the very start, Rhett Titus and Kenny King tagged one another quickly and isolated Jay- a match style infrequently seen from the Briscoes in the last few years.


Eventually, Jay reached Mark for a hot tag and they turned the tide. The teams went back and forth with big moves- an X-Factor from King and a neck breaker from Mark. Both resulted in close near falls. Both teams blocked the other’s double team finishers and the action got rough on the floor. Jay dragged Titus back into the ring and hit the Jay Driller. Mark came off the top rope with the Froggy-bow and the Briscoes won to even their series with the ANX at 1-1. It was a fun main event and a testament to ROH’s tag division that a non-title tag team rivalry can main event a TV episode.



ACH def. Cedric Alexander

ACH and Alexander have worked together plenty in the past, but their shared athleticism makes each encounter fun to watch. Within the opening moments of the match, their leaping and coordination evoked oohs and ahhs from the crowd. Alexander slowed the pace with an STO on the apron until ACH regained control with a beautiful topez con giro. They traded near falls off of an ACH German Suplex and a Michinoku Driver from Alexander. When it looked like Alexander had the momentum, he slipped on a springboard attempt. ACH hit a brain buster and Midnight Star to get the win. I suspect that the slip will be part of Alexander and Veda Scott’s lawsuit against ROH for unsafe working conditions, which provides a very reasonable explanation storyline. Meanwhile, ACH built momentum to the finale of his best-of-five series with Matt Sydal that has helped elevate him to a new level.


Caprice Coleman def. Will Ferrara

Coleman warned Ferrara that he had not learned everything there is to know from the time the spent as student and teacher. He used that experience to stay a step ahead of Ferrara early in the match. As Ferrara started to fight back, Prince Nana came to ringside and started to take notes. Coleman started to aggressively target Ferrara’s shoulder and forced him to tap out to a shoulder-breaker. After the match, Prince Nana handed Ferrara the same sort of envelope he previously gave to Coleman and proclaimed that an Age of Enlightenment is coming to ROH. If Nana can be the catalyst to make some of ROH’s talented-yet-directionless wrestlers more entertaining, it will be an impressive feat.