ROH Review – Future Shock Reunites on Packed Show

8/26/15 – Andrew Berg – @WrestleRosters


The Addiction def. Future Shock to Remain Tag Team Champions

Against the wishes of The Kingdom, Adam Cole reunited with his old partner Kyle O’Reilly for one night to challenge for the Tag Team Titles. After a fast start and a “Future Shock, Babay!” cheer, Chirstopher Daniels and Kazarian cornered Cole. When Cole tried to reach his corner, Daniels ripped O’Reilly off of the apron and left Cole to fend for himself. He eventually built some momentum and locked in a Figure Four on his third attempt. Kaz reversed the hold, O’Reilly held him with an arm-breaker, and Daniels put O’Reilly in a Koji Clutch for a crazy train of submissions.


Cole finally reached O’Reilly, and he came in on fire. He hit a series of kicks, an arm-breaker, and a figure four of his own. Future Shock got a near fall with a leg sweep-lariat combination that might have ended the match if not for Kaz making the save. With the referee’s back turned, Kaz hit a low blow to buy himself some additional time.


Even with that respite, O’Reilly stayed in control. He hit a tornado DDT into a brain buster, chained into an Armageddon arm-breaker. The Kingdom hit the ring and argued with the referee, which caused him to miss Kaz tapping out and O’Reilly pinning him with an O’Connor Roll. Cole, furious at his old teammates, chased Maria to the back. That left O’Reilly alone against both members of The Addiction, and they quickly doubled-teamed him with Celebrity Rehab to get the win.


After the bell, Chris Sabin joined his teammates and started to beat on O’Reilly. Bobby Fish, The Kingdom, and the Young Bucks all joined the brawl, and it ended with superkicks and suicide dives from the Bucks. The Tag Team Division in ROH is perhaps the strongest in all of wrestling. Both this match and the post-match frenzy were very entertaining and showed that ROH is starting to learn how to use a weekly TV show to build excitement from week to week.


Roderick Strong def. Donovan Dijak

We have not seen much of Dijak in televised action lately, so it was a welcome surprise for him to have one of his best ROH matches to date against the #1 Contender. Dijak’s purpose in the match was to soften up Strong for his stablemate Jay Lethal, and he used simple power holds to wear down his smaller opponent. Strong, meanwhile, struggled to lift the big man early in the match, which led to some real intrigue in the match.


Dijak got a near fall off of a very convincing big boot. He tried to follow it with Feast Your Eyes, but Strong escaped and hit a foremarm/knee combo. He continued with a double-knee gutbuster and the Sick Kick to finish his sudden comeback and get a very good win. The House of Truth surrounded Strong, but War Machine made the save to tease both the TV Title and World Title defenses that Lethal has in the near future. It was another improved usage of the weekly TV slot for ROH. As for Dijak, it was good to see him slowing down and developing some ring psychology. Less can be more for a wrestler as imposing as him, so it’s good to let his size speak for itself.


Briscoe Brothers def. Blood Bound Warriors

The Briscoes never seemed to be in real trouble against the Blood Bound Warriors, who are a worse derivative than a badly dubbed cassette tape. The Warriors no sold some of the Briscoe offense at first and forced the brothers to take surprisingly big bumps for a TV opening match. Nonetheless, Mark’s Froggy-bow led to a vicious lariat from Jay to end the match fairly quickly.


Afterwards, Adam Page challenged Jay. When Jay figured out who it was challenging him, he did not hesitate to accept. Jay’s resume and reputation are so impressive at this point that he can elevate just about anyone in ROH. Page is clearly a valued prospect with considerable skill, so a match or a feud with Briscoe is a good way to try to bring him to the next level.