ROH Review – Reunited Kingdom Stands Tall

12/3/15 – Andrew Berg – @WrestleRosters


The Kingdom def. Dalton Castle and War Machine

Two of the most fun wrestlers in the world with two of my favorite entrance songs in ROH were set to face off in this week’s main event. The Boys made an appearance in Dalton Castle’s corner and donned their flamboyant masks until Silas Young forced them to leave ringside. On the other side, The Kingdom stayed in support of Adam Cole.


Castle quickly took the match to the floor and fired up the fans with a suplex to Cole. His advantage was short lived, as Cole superkicked him off of the apron and stomped Castle along with Mike Bennett and Matt Taven. The referee called for the bell and a DQ, but War Machine came to Castle’s aid and turned the match into a six-man tag.


Hanson took control with tremendous size and power after the restart until The Kingdom ganged up on him and cornered him with quick tags. Hanson finally reached Rowe for a hot tag and he ran through Bennett and Taven. Cole hit him with a superkick and he had to tag Castle in once again. It left Castle and Cole isolated once again. Castle hit a high knee in the corner and a missile dropkick. Taven tried to interfere and they ended up in about 10 tombstone reversals before Castle finally hit the move.


All six men spilled to the outside and Hanson delivered a cannonball from the top rope to the entire Kingdom. Back in the ring, Castle’s German Suplex set up a leg drop from Hanson and The Kingdom had to save their teammate. Hanson missed a suicide dive to Taven and Bennett speared Rowe. Bennett and Taven superkicked Castle and Cole finished him with a brain buster. It was a fun match and the result made sense in the ROH pecking order. I suspect we will see War Machine get the upper-hand on The Kingdom at some point before Final Battle, as well.


Will Ferrara def. Adam Page

A few months ago, this match would have seemed like a virtual toss-up, but Page has risen up the ranks while Ferrara continues to establish himself as a regular competitor. Instead, the match was built around an upset by Ferrara caused by a mistake by Page’s Decade teammates. Page rag-dolled Ferrara early with his superior strength. Ferrara fought back with a nice sunset bomb and a suicide dive to the entire Decade. BJ Whitmer tried to throw his crutch to Page in the ring, but it ended up with Ferrara instead. Colby Corino distracted the referee and Ferrara hit Page with the crutch to get the surprise victory. It appears that the storyline will see Page get fed up with Whitmer and turn on The Decade. Perhaps that storyline is moving more quickly than it otherwise would have since Steve Corino is not able to wrestle Whitmer at Final Battle. Nonetheless, there has been plenty of context and support for the development.


Other Notes

-Jay Lethal cut a promo that deemphasized his loss to Roddy Strong for the TV Title and focused his attention on his upcoming World Title defense against AJ Styles. He said that his ROH Title catapulted him above Styles for the first time in his career and gave him a new form of confidence. Styles joined him in the ring and shook his hand to set the stage for a huge main event at Final Battle.


-The Addiction announced that they would move to New Japan temporarily in protest of perceived unfair treatment. It was a good storyline to write them out of ROH temporarily.


-A video package focused on the tension between Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly. They are another pair likely destined for Final Battle. In a year largely lost to injury, Cole deserves credit for getting real heat on himself so quickly after his return.