ROH Review – The Kingdom Faces a Tough Challenge

10/28/15 – Andrew Berg – @WrestleRosters


Redragon and Michael Elgin def. The Kingdom

The main event got off to a very hot start when Kyle O’Reilly locked Matt Taven in an arm-breaker in the rope while Elgin hit a topez con giro over the top of both of them. The crazy pace slowed shortly thereafter as Michael Bennett trapped Bobby Fish in their corner. With his team fully in control, the opportunistic Adam Cole tagged in and continued the assault on Fish.


Fish finally reached Elgin and the big man got his team back on track. He hit a double powerslam to take over the match. He tagged O’Reilly for a double missile dropkick, and interference from Cole was unsuccessful. Redragon worked together on Taven and Bennett with double-team offense. After a brief Kingdom rally, Elgin buckle bombed Bennett onto Taven, stuck in a tree of woe. Redragon hit Chasing the Dragon on Bennett and got the winning pin.


After the bell, Cole attacked O’Reilly to prevent him from standing tall. O’Reilly angrily demanded a singles match with Cole. Nigel McGuinness said that he couldn’t make the match this week, but added O’Reilly to a scheduled match between Cole and AJ Styles next week. That’s the kind of dream match that could main event an ROH PPV, so it will be a big episode of TV. As for O’Reilly, he showed good passion in his promo, but still didn’t sound natural on the mic. That will be an area of focus for him as he develops into the main event talent he has the potential to be.


Moose def. Donovan Dijak

It’s rare to see one wrestler over 6’5” and 250 lbs in ROH, let alone two facing off against one another. Interestingly, these two big men wrestled more like light heavyweights in the show-opening match. Dijak fell to the outside but hit Moose with an apron chokeslam and an impressive springboard moonsault. He treid another moonsault in the ring and hit Moose’s elevated knees. Moose responded with a topez con giro of his own. They slugged it out in the ring until dijak hit a chokeslam onto his knee. Moose fought out of an attempt at Feast Your Eyes and hit a step-up enzuigiri and a spear to win the match. While I hope that these two monsters don’t lose sight of what makes them unique, I enjoyed the athleticism on display in this match.


Dalton Castle def. Cedric Alexander

An angry, aggressive Castle came to the ring without his Boys and went right after Alexander. He hit a German suplex early and a series of strikes. Veda Scott got involved on Alexander’s behalf, but the advantage did not last long. Castle hit an overhead belly-to-belly and Bangarang to get the win. After the bell, Scott announced that she would file a lawsuit against ROH for creating an unsafe work environment. I’m skeptical about a story that takes the focus away from Alexander’s wrestling ability and athleticism. It’s too early to judge this diversion, though.


Roderick Strong Challenges Jay Lethal

Strong interrupted Jay Lethal’s celebration and credited Truth Martini for all of Lethal’s success. He angered Lethal by shaking Martini’s hand and challenged him to one more match for the ROH World Title. Lethal called on Nigel McGuinness to declare that Strong would not get another match. McGuinness agreed that Strong would not get another shot at the World Title, but declared him #1 Contender for the TV Title. It’s a tribute to Lethal that he has elevated the TV Title to a level at which a former champion like Strong could plausibly pursue it.