ROH Review – The Kingdom Loses Match, Possibly Adam Cole


7/8/15 – Andrew Berg – @WrestleRosters


Redragon and Michael Elgin def. The Kingdom

The oddball grouping of Elgin with Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly worked better than I expected. Elgin held Matt Taven up for a vertical suplex so long early on that a whole match went on around him. The Kingdom fought back by cornering Elgin and triple-teaming him. Eventually, Elgin hit a code breaker and a senton to get the hot tag.


Redragon started to work together with a tandem DDT and wheel barrow move. Elgin lifted Taven and Mike Bennett onto his shoulders and gave them both a Samoan Drop. Elgin remained in control until Adam Cole hit him with a shining wizard for a two count. Redragon retaliated with a double plancha and Elgin powerbombed Taven onto the crowd on the floor.


Redragon rejoined Elgin in the ring and hit Chasing the Dragon into a second rope powerbomb, only for Bennett to make the save. Cole answered with a Destroyer followed by a spike piledriver for a near fall. When Cole went for another destroyer, Elgin dodged it and got to the corner to tag O’Reilly. He hit a rebound clothesline off of a Cole superkick. That set up Chasing the Dragon on Cole to get the pin.


After the bell, Cole and O’Reilly shook hands. Bennett, Taven, and Maria Kanellis looked dismayed that Cole would embrace their adversaries. The tension advanced the dissension within the Kingdom and hinted at a face turn for Cole. Since Cole achieved so much in ROH so early, it put him in a position where it would be hard to live up to his own reputation. A face turn and a good babyface run could be an effective way to keep one of ROH’s best wrestlers fresh.


Jay Lethal Versus the World

Lethal got love from the live crowd with both of the belts he won at Best in the World, but Truth Martini spoke for him at first to heel it up and neutralize the positive response. Lethal went on to say that he makes the World Title prestigious and not the other way around. Nigel McGuinness asked him which of the two belts he planned to vacate. When Lethal said he would defend both, McGuinness explained that it would double his schedule and sometimes require him to defend both titles on the same show.


At the conclusion of the interview, Roddy Strong joined Lethal in the ring and vowed to take the World Title from him at Death Before Dishonor. It was a weak promo, but that has never been Strong’s expertise and his in-ring work should make up for it. Lethal’s dual role, on the other hand, is highly intriguing. Although it almost positions him as a sympathetic character, it will make his double duty essentially viewing.


Dalton Castle def. Watanabe

Castle and Watanabe dialed up the homoerotic offense almost immediately with a series of small packages into a double clothesline. Watanabe seized control with a neckbreaker into a senton for a near fall. Castle answered emphatically with a deadlift German suplex that he bridge for a two count of his own. He followed it with an airplane spin into a flapjack to get the pin and a decisive victory. After the match, Castle declared himself the only “real man” in ROH, which drew the ire of Silas Young, thereby prolonging one of the most fun rivalries in wrestling.

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