ROH Review – The Kingdom Make First Title Defense


11/18/15 – Andrew Berg – @WrestleRosters


The Kindgom def. The Addiction to Remain ROH Tag Team Champions

ROH’s main event featured two of the excellent tag teams from an outstanding tag division. The awkwardness arose from the fact that both teams are pure heel characters, but they embraced that similarity with constant cheating and backstabbing from the start of the match. With the referee distracted, both Kazarian and Matt Taven tried to hit the other with a title belt and feigned injuries to convince the referee that the other had cheated. Both men came off of the ropes and were tripped by Maria Kanellis and Chris Sabin, who were then ejected from ringside.


The match became only slightly more organized without the managers at ringside because there were virtually no tags. Bennett win for a spear, but accidentally hit the referee instead. Maria made her way back to the ring and hit Daniels with a low blow and a superkick after he tried to attack her. Someone in a KRD mask came to the ring and hit Kazarian with a superkick. Bennett followed it with a spear to pick up the win. The match was so full of hijinks that it was hard to focus on the wrestling. The on-again, off-again KRD story has been more confusing than interesting. Nonetheless, Bennett and Taven are deserving champions and I’m looking forward to see how their run develops.


War Machine def. Silas Young and The Beer City Bruiser

Young continued to train The Boys to be men, including a funny vignette in which he forced them to change a tire. Hanson and Rowe dominated the match until the giant Bruiser intervened with a shoulder block and turned the momentum. The Bruiser got a near fall on Rowe with a giant splash from the second rope. Hanson took out The Boys when they tried to intervene and Rowe hit an impressive exploder suplex on the Bruiser. When the Bruiser inadvertently hit The Boys with a cannonball to the floor, Hanson hit Young with his Spin Kick of Doom. War Machine then finished the match with Fallout on the Bruiser. The win earned War Machine a Tag Team Title shot in the coming weeks, which has been gradually earned over several months.


Steve Corino Reinstated as a Wrestler

On the heels of Corino attacking BJ Whitmer, Nigel McGuinness announced that he could not reinstate him as a color commentator. He went on to say, though, that he would reinstate him as a wrestler and booked a no DQ match between him and Corino at Final Battle. The story between him and Whitmer has been well told over many month. Unfortunately, his recent neck fusion surgery serves as an end to his in-ring career and prevents the deserved conclusion to the rivalry with Whitmer. Here’s hoping Corino a full recovery and a return to commentary in his future. He’s a phenomenal talent and ROH is better when he’s around.


Michael Elgin def. Kevin Lee Davidson

Although Davidson looks like a supersized, white Samoa Joe, Elgin dispatched him immediately with a huge lariat. After the easy win, Elgin rededicated himself to the pursuit of the ROH World Title and declared that he is going after Jay Lethal. Elgin seemed red hot two years ago when he worked his way up to the ROH Title and promptly flopped as champion. It’s hard to say whether he would be a more compelling champion in a second go-round.