ROH Review – Top Tag Teams Clash Before Best in the World

6/10/15 – Andrew Berg – @WrestleRosters


Bullet Club def. The Kingdom by DQ

Japanese tag wrestling has a distinctive style that is almost unrecognizable compared to American tag team wrestling. One of the hallmarks is a disintegration into near constant double-teaming with very few tags, which was an element of this match from the beginning.

Machine Gun Anderson and Doc Gallows lost their IWGP Tag Team Titles to Mike Bennett and Matt Taven this spring, which was a major breakthrough for the growing ROH stars. Despite the loss, Bullet Club received a massive pop from the War of the Worlds crowd. Maria Kanellis distracted Anderson immediately and gave her team the upper-hand. Taven tried to come off of the top rope to the floor, but Anderson caught him with a Gun Stun and Gallows nailed Bennett with a hot shot onto the ring apron to establish the advantage.


Back in the ring, Bennett avoided a second Gun Stun. Instead, Taven delivered a superkick and Bennett hit a spear. He and Anderson brawled in the corner, and when famous Japanese referee Red Shoes tried to pull them apart, Bennett threw him to the mat. It caused a DQ and it also caused Bullet Club to attack The Kingdom with chairs. Bennett saved Maria from the attack, but they hit the Magic Killer through two chairs on Taven. It was a very effective way to build anticipation for a title rematch between these teams. As far as the NJPW-ROH talent exchange goes, this is a good use of their shared talent.


Kyle O’Reilly def. The Addiction by DQ; The Addiction Remain Tag Team Champions

Christopher Daniels delivered a very strong promo in the ring to open the show in which he pointed out that Bobby Fish’s injury would require O’Reilly to wrestle a handicap match if he wanted to keep his title shot. O’Reilly showed no hesitation to wrestle alone and even fought through an early double-team with a missile dropkick to both opponents on the floor. He got Kaz in a cross-armbreak in the ring and nearly won by submission when Daniels broke the hold by hitting O’Reilly with one of the title belts. The DQ earned Redragon a rematch for Best in the World that should be one of the stronger matches on the card.


Jushin Thunder Liger def. Dalton Castle

Regardless of the outcome, the position opposite Liger indicates that ROH is very high on Castle. Even at 50, Liger looked great with a surfboard at the start of the match. As the match spilled to the floor, Castle swiveled around on the ring apron like Dean Ambrose, but finished it with a hurricanrana. Liger answered with a cannonball onto the floor and posed with Castle’s boys who accompany him to the ring.


Castle fought back into the match with a series of suplexes. His Greco Roman style and his deadlift suplexes are a very good extension of his character and make him stand out. Finally, Liger blocked a deadlift German Suplex and hit a Liger Bomb and brain buster to get the clean victory. After the match, Liger and Castle shook hands as part of the Code of Honor, despite Castle’s nominal heel status.


Brutal Bob and Cheeseburger Wrestle a No Contest

The ceiling for this grudge match between former tag partners is relatively low due to the uninspired participants. Cheeseburger is a fun story, but so limited as a wrestler that his matches are simply not very entertaining. He was too quick for Bob early in the match and hit a Thesz Press on the floor. Bob floored Cheeseburger with a shoulder block but pulled up his shoulder before the three count. He took him onto the apron and nailed a titanic sidewalk slam through the ringside table to end the match. The match was well-executed for what it was. The biggest drawback was the fact that three out of four matches on the show ended with non-finishes, which undermines ROH’s MO.