ROH Review – Young Bucks Headline Tag-Driven Show

8/19/15 – Andrew Berg – @WrestleRosters


Young Bucks def. Roppongi Vice

The show’s main event was billed as a sort of qualifier for both the ROH Tag Team Titles and the IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Titles. Based on the ring gear for those involved, it looked more like the early 1990s threw up all over the ring. Nonetheless, the match was typically insane and fun to watch. The crazy bumps started from the very beginning of the match with a series of planchas from the Bucks. Rocky Romero had to save Baretta early on from More Bang for Your Buck, or else the match could have ended very quickly.


Eventually, Baretta and Romero were able to isolate Matt Jackson from his brother and started to wear him down using more traditional wrestling moves. Nick Jackson eventually got frustrated enough that he ran into the ring without a tag and hit superkicks on both of his opponents. Romero answered with an impressive double hurricanrana on both Bucks at the same time. As Roppongi Vice stayed in control, Nick hit a destroyer as a counter to swing the momentum. Matt held Baretta in a hangman position on the ropes and Nick hit a 450 splash to the prone opponent.


With Romero incapacitated outside the ring, the Bucks strung together More Bang for Your Buck and got the clean win. It was not the biggest spot-fest of the Bucks’ career, but it was certainly enough to excite the live crowd. After the win, The Addiction (including Chris Sabin) hit the ring and started to attack their presumptive challengers. With the three-on-two advantage, The Addiction easily overwhelmed the worn-down Bucks. It would appear that the loaded tag division is going to see an Addiction-Young Bucks title match in the near future, which is very appealing.


Dalton Castle def. Silas Young

Young has struggled with Castle’s flamboyance and his wrestling since he returned from injury over the summer, and that trend continued in this match. Castle came out on fire and hit a deadlift pump-handle slam- probably his most suggestive bit of offense to date. Young repeatedly threatened Castle’s boys at ringside and was very aggressive on the outside. With the boys fanning him back to strength, Castle hit a hurricanrana into the barricade and a spinning side slam to get a near fall.


While they fought back in the ring, each wrestler blocked the other’s finisher. Young appeared to have the advantage, but he attacked the boys when they jumped on the ring apron. That distraction allowed Castle to hit Bangarang (his version of a sit-out, release Alabama Slam) to get the win. After the match, Young said that he does not like the way that Castle treats his boys and challenged him to a match with the boys on the line. The “boys on the line” stipulation is probably the most entertaining possible storyline involving Castle, and I can’t wait to watch two of my favorite ROH wrestlers develop this feud.


Other Notes

-Moose got an easy win over Will Ferrara. The only offense that even registered for Ferrara was a suicide dive. Moose quickly recovered to swing him repeatedly into the barricades, and then finish the match with a superplex and a spear. Moose has a long way to go, but there is potential in his athleticism.


-Bobby Fish said in an interview that Jay Lethal is stretched too thin and his TV Title is ripe for the picking, either by him or by Hanson. Lethal interrupted the interview and angrily said that he will continue to prove his dominance and defend both of his belts.