Smackdown Review – Final Four Face Off in Tag-Team Main Event

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11/19/15 – Scott Strandberg – @wrestlerosters

Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose def. Kevin Owens and Alberto Del Rio (w/ Zeb Colter) by pinfall

Ambrose hit a running bulldog on Alberto, but Alberto responded with a step-up enziguiri. Owens hit Ambrose with a running senton, and Del Rio added a basement dropkick, followed by a DDT. Alberto hit another step-up enziguiri for a near-fall.

Alberto continued the assault on Ambrose with a backstabber, but came up empty on a superkick. Ambrose finally fought back with a rebound clothesline, making the hot tag to Reigns. Reigns hit a Driveby and a spinning slam on Owens, who took advantage of a Del Rio distraction to hit a superkick on Reigns.

Ambrose took out Owens with a suicide dive, following up with a rebound clothesline on Alberto. Reigns hit a Superman punch on Owens, but Alberto threw Reigns into the ring steps and superkicked him. The referee counted all four men out, but Alberto tossed Ambrose back into the ring and tried for a cross-armbreaker, but Ambrose countered with Dirty Deeds.

Owens tried for a pop-up powerbomb on Ambrose, but ate a spear from Reigns instead.

Scott’s Thoughts: This was a better-than-average Smackdown main event, featuring a high workrate and plenty of action. For what it’s worth, I thought Alberto looked better here than he has since returning to WWE. Sunday’s final two rounds of the tournament seem incredibly predictable, so here’s hoping WWE throws us at least a slight curveball from the expected.

Tyler Breeze def. Zack Ryder by pinfall; Dolph Ziggler sets his sights on Prince Pretty

Breeze asked Ryder where he got his fashion sense — “1980-never?” — before saying that Ryder reminds him of another uggo, Dolph Ziggler. Breeze said that Summer had left Ziggler for him, and Summer added that Ziggler consistently comes up short, holding her fingers a couple inches apart in a very heavy-handed attempt at a double entendre.

Ziggler entered and started messing up Breeze and Summer’s ringside VIP section as the match got underway. A distracted Breeze ate a dropkick and a facebuster from Ryder. Ryder came up empty on a missile dropkick, and Breeze hit an Unprettier for the pinfall. Ziggler immediately entered the ring and planted Breeze with a superkick.

Scott’s Thoughts: I’m really glad WWE is reinvesting in the Ziggler vs Breeze/Summer feud, and the non-traditional finisher parade continued in this match! Following Cesaro’s crossface victory over Miz, it was awesome to see Breeze win using the Unprettier. The move fits his gimmick to perfection, and I’d love to see a storyline in which a heel “Captain Charisma” Christian takes Breeze under his wing as a manager.

Miz TV w/ Kevin Owens, Alberto del Rio, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns

Owens interrupted Miz’s intro, saying he’s turning this into the Kevin Owens Show. Del Rio and Colter also interrupted, with Colter calling Miz a hater and saying that they wouldn’t fall for Miz’s “gotcha questioning.” Colter then said that Owens is even worse, being from Canada, and accused him of sneaking into the country by ice-skating across Lake Michigan.

Del Rio told Owens he always needs a pool cleaner in MexAmerica, and Ambrose entered. Ambrose said that he wouldn’t have any problem going through Alberto and Owens at Survivor Series. Reigns entered, but R-Truth quickly interrupted him.

Truth entered the ring and told the crowd they were looking at the real underdog. Truth called himself a survivor, saying that he would plow through everyone in the ring to become champion at Survivor Series. Miz reminded Truth that he isn’t in the tournament, and Truth hilariously apologized, hugging Reigns and Ambrose to wish them luck as he left. Ambrose knocked out Miz to end the segment.

Cesaro def. The Miz by submission

Miz remained in the ring after MizTV, complaining that he still had a match after Ambrose had just punched him. Cesaro entered, and Miz actually gained an early upper hand with a series of kicks. Cesaro used a tilt-a-whirl to transition into a crossface, forcing Miz to tap out. After the match, Stardust and The Ascension entered for their match, and Cesaro stared them down as they entered.

Scott’s Thoughts: I love when signature moves are used as finishers. Each usage of the crossface as a finisher will add intrigue and help develop false finishes in Cesaro’s matches. It’s also nice to see that WWE apparently hasn’t dropped the Cesaro/Stardust feud idea.


The Dudley Boyz and Neville def. Stardust and The Ascension by pinfall

Cosmic Wasteland cornered Neville early, wearing him down. Neville reached Bubba, who nearly dropped Viktor on an attempted lifting side slam, setting him down and picking him back up for a successful attempt. Bubba hit a Bionic Elbow on Stardust and a gorilla press slam on Konnor, which D-Von followed with a Wassup diving headbutt.

Stardust ran back in the ring and hit a Disaster Kick on Bubba, but quickly ate a missile dropkick from Neville. Neville hit an enziguiri on Konnor, setting him up for a 3D from the Dudley Boyz.

Scott’s Thoughts: Despite Bubba’s very minor botch, this was a fun, high-energy match. This could easily be used as the basis for the as-yet-unannounced Survivor Series match on Sunday.

Big E (w/ Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods) def. Kalisto (w/ Sin Cara) by pinfall

New Day bemoaned their lack of involvement in the WHC Tournament, and Big E promised to show Kalisto that size really does matter. Kalisto hit a springboard enziguiri, a corkscrew crossbody and a headscissor driver. Kofi tossed Sin Cara into the ring steps, so Kalisto took him out with a dive between the ropes.

Kalisto hit an enziguiri from the apron, but Big E took advantage of a Woods distraction, fighting back with a clothesline and a running splash for the pinfall. Ryback ran in to make the save after the match.

Scott’s Thoughts: That’s three matches in one show that ended with non-traditional finishers! While I do like that, I don’t like Kalisto’s push taking a detour with this borderline-squash loss. This is another angle WWE could use to build a Survivor Series match, but I like the other option better.

Charlotte def. Brie Bella (w/ Alicia Fox) by submission

Charlotte tossed Brie around the ring with a bridging headscissor, but Brie fought back with a BRIIIIIE MODE knee strike and a basement dropkick. Brie forgot she’s a heel and hit her husband’s signature kicks, then both women hit clotheslines simultaneously. Charlotte answered with a neckbreaker and a big boot, but came up empty on a knee drop. Charlotte countered a Bella Buster into a spear, then locked in the figure-eight to force Brie to tap.

Scott’s Thoughts: Not a bad little match considering the limited time it was given.

  • Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman announced themselves as The Undertaker and Kane’s opponents for Survivor Series. Taker responded on the Titantron, saying that the Brothers of Destruction will reclaim their powers, while Kane burned a sheep mask next to him. What a huge missed opportunity for a Survivor Series match. Oh well.