Smackdown Review – Final Money in the Bank Participant Revealed


Roman Reigns def. Sheamus by disqualification; Kane declares himself the final participant for Money in the Bank

The match spilled outside immediately, with Reigns taking Sheamus out on the floor with a clothesline. Sheamus responded by driving Reigns into the apron and throwing him over the announce table. Back in the ring, Sheamus hit an elbow drop for a near-fall.

Sheamus followed up with a rolling senton for two, and Reigns came up empty on a rope-hung dropkick. Reigns fought back, driving Sheamus into the ring post and following up with clotheslines. Reigns hit a dropkick and a Samoan drop, but Kane’s music hit.

Kane entered with J&J Security in tow, as Sheamus rolled Reigns up for a near-fall. Sheamus hit an Irish Curse backbreaker for another two-count. Sheamus whiffed on a Brogue Kick, and Reigns landed a Superman punch.

Kane got in the ring and hit Reigns with a big boot to cause the disqualification. Sheamus hit Reigns with a Brogue Kick, and Kane chokeslammed Sheamus before grabbing a mic and naming himself as the final participant in Money in the Bank. Kane then chokeslammed Reigns for good measure.

Scott’s Thoughts: Ah, the good old Kane DQ finish. We hadn’t had one of those in a few weeks. Also, yippee, Kane in MITB. Not exactly the most exciting addition possible.


Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins exchange words before Money in the Bank

Rollins entered alone to start the show — without J&J or The Authority — holding a chair, saying that a year ago today, he had dismantled The Shield with a chair much like that one. Rollins sat down in the chair and said that he’s sick of hearing people ask him why he’d done it. He said that from day one, his goal had been to be the best, not one of the best.

Rollins bragged about defeating Lesnar and Reigns at the same time at Wrestlemania, saying that Lesnar was nowhere to be found, and Reigns is still trapped in Rollins’ shadow. He said he’s grateful for everything The Authority had done for him, but that he doesn’t need any of their help to destroy Ambrose.

Ambrose appeared on the Titantron, saying that as far as he could remember, Rollins had always needed help to get anything done. Ambrose said that The Authority will go to great lengths to prevent losing control of the title ever again, and that knowledge had made Rollins soft. Ambrose promised to walk both in and out of Money in the Bank with the title.

Scott’s Thoughts: This was far better than your average show-opening 12-minute promo, simply because both Rollins and Ambrose are so exceptional on the mic.


Prime Time Players def. Lucha Dragons and The Ascension in a triple threat to become #1 Contender to the Tag Team Championship

Young hit a leg drop on Kalisto for an early two-count. Kalisto recovered to hit Viktor with an enziguiri off a springboard handstand. Konnor hit an electric chair sitout facebuster for two, and Viktor earned a near-fall with an elbow drop.

Kalisto fought back with a second-rope reverse hurricanrana, and Titus tagged himself in. Titus unloaded on The Ascension with clotheslines and big boots, following up with a powerslam to Viktor. Sin Cara broke up the pinfall with a swanton, but Titus again cleared the ring.

Viktor rolled Titus up for two, but Titus responded and hit a pumphandle slam for the pinfall.

Scott’s Thoughts: I’ve really been enjoying the push for PTP, as they’ve always been entertaining. Lately, Titus has been a hot tag machine, and Darren’s athleticism has started to translate into more complete well-rounded wrestling ability. Should be a fun match at Money in the Bank.


Neville def. Kofi Kingston (w/ Big E and Xavier Woods) by pinfall

Neville hit a flying crossbody and a hurricanrana, but Big E took him out with a clothesline when the referee wasn’t looking. Kofi hit a reverse vertical suplex for a two-count, but Neville fought back with a basement dropkick as Woods warned “I’m gonna make gravity remember you!”

Neville hit a missile dropkick and a standing shooting star press for a near-fall. Neville followed up with a tornado DDT and climbed up top for the Red Arrow. Woods made a distraction, giving Big E time to drag Kofi out of the ring. Neville hit a moonsault onto both Big E and Kofi, then sent Kofi back into the ring.

Neville used a small package to earn a near-fall, then inverted the pinning maneuver to earn the three-count.

Scott’s Thoughts: Neville and Kofi are two of the top athletes in the company, and they put on a very high-quality match here. The pacing worked, Big E and Woods provided some entertaining distractions, and Neville overcame the odds to notch another meaningful victory on his belt.


Kevin Owens def. Zack Ryder by pinfall to retain the NXT Championship

Owens said that Cena is completely delusional, because he actually believes his “Never Give Up” and “Hustle Loyalty Respect” mantras. Owens said Cena’s message is — and has always been — garbage, and that he will put an end to Cena corrupting the minds of children.

Ryder answered the open challenge, hitting an early facebuster on Owens. The action spilled outside, where Owens drove Ryder into the barricade. Back in the ring, Ryder recovered to hit a missile dropkick, but Owens answered with a superkick and a pop-up powerbomb to polish Ryder off. After the match, Owens hit Ryder with a cannonball and another pop-up powerbomb.

Scott’s Thoughts: That was about the most underwhelming result possible for an NXT Title Open Challenge.


Miz TV w/ special guests Lana and Rusev

Miz hosted Lana on an episode of Miz TV — wearing perhaps his most ridiculous frock yet — asking her how she could abandon Rusev in his hour of need. She told Miz that Rusev didn’t deserve her, and that Rusev’s verbal abuse left her no choice. Miz then called out his other surprise guest, Rusev.

Rusev hobbled out on crutches with a walking boot and told Lana he wasn’t there to start a fight. Rusev said that he’s a broken man, and that he has no excuse for his past actions, other than that he was raised differently. He told her that America is all about second chances, and that’s all he’s asking for.

Rusev put his crutches down and begged Lana to be his crutch. Lana stood up and shoved his crutches back at him. Rusev blew up and called her a bunch of childish names until Dolph Ziggler entered, putting his arm around Lana and escorting her out.

Scott’s Thoughts: This whole angle is making Rusev look like such a putz. They really need to stop this and get him off of TV until his injury heals.


Ryback def. Stardust by pinfall

Ryback opened up with a hip toss and a shoulder tackle, but Stardust caught him and set up for Cross-Rhodes, only to transition into a neckbreaker for two. Stardust tried for a diving crossbody, but Ryback reversed it into a spinebuster. Ryback followed up with a Meathook clothesline and Shell Shocked to earn the pinfall.

Scott’s Thoughts: Pretty entertaining for what was essentially a three-minute squash match.


– Renee Young interviewed Paige on the entrance stage. Paige said that she feels like nothing’s ever going to change, and she can’t believe people still fall for twin magic. Paige added that the Bellas are holding the entire division back, because they only care about the celebrity lifestyle, while she prides herself on her in-ring work. Paige promised to do everything she can to challenge the Bellas’ grip on the division. Nice promo work from Paige here, with a mild but well-played peek behind the fourth wall.