Welcome to Roster Resource Wrestling!

Welcome to Roster Resource Wrestling!

Today (1/13/15) is the first day of Roster Resource’s expansion into the world of professional wrestling. On the other hand, Roster Resource Wrestling comes with about three years’ worth of content from our old site, The Anonymous GM. We hope to provide the same high-level content that analyzes professional wrestling beyond knee-jerk reactions. On top of that, we will be expanding our offerings with a regular podcast, coverage of more events than ever before, and Roster Resource’s trademark depth charts.

Scott and I have plenty of similarities and differences in how we digest and appreciate wrestling. I am a life-long fan who tries to suspend disbelief as much as possible and appreciate wrestling on its own terms. I consider myself an optimist about wrestling. I try to evaluate how close the wrestlers came to telling the story that they set out to tell rather than being disappointed that they didn’t tell the story I wanted to hear. I rarely hate watching any wrestling show. I also find the element of surprise essential to the full experience, so I try to avoid spoilers whenever possible.

Scott came back to wrestling a few years ago after a decade-long hiatus, but he has made up for the lost years with a headfirst dive into the deep end of the WWE Network. As a professional journalist with a background in film production, Scott brings a critical eye to the direction of the company and is not afraid to point out when a story or match is not working.

Just like at AGM, we will provide weekly reviews of Raw, Smackdown, NXT, TNA Impact, Ring of Honor, and any major PPV shows in the week. You will also be able to find special coverage of events like NJPW’s Wrestle Kingdom and Lucha Underground. At Roster Resource Wrestling, we will also have more feature articles that take an in-depth look at the past, present, and future of wrestling. You will soon see a weekly podcast that covers everything in the world of wrestling. All of the content comes from a thoughtful and balanced foundation to appeal to thinking wrestling fans.

While you’re here, take some time to peruse the archives. Every PPV review and many other articles migrated from AGM to Roster Resource Wrestling. Just click or search through the tags, such as “Wrestling- WWE” and you will find all posts associated with the subject. You can also check out our full archives on the old site, which will continue to house the entire AGM collection.

You can also look forward to lots of special features in the coming weeks. Scott will have a multi-part Royal Rumble preview that breaks down the possible winners. My gigantic 2014 Wrestler of the Year series will launch soon. We also have some historical profiles and interviews that break down some of the most interesting stories in wrestling history.

Thanks for visiting!

Andrew Berg and Scott Strandberg