Wrestlemania XXXI Preview: Sting vs. HHH

Sting vs. HHH


For the better part of the last decade, Undertaker surfaced at Wrestlemania and wrestled very few matches the rest of the year. Now, it appears that HHH has slid into the same schedule as an exclusive special event wrestler. This year, Sting joins him as even more of a special attraction in what might be the only WWE match of his career.


HHH wrestled Daniel Bryan in the show opening match of last year’s Wrestlemania. He wrestled alongside the reunited Evolution for the next two PPVs against The Shield. Those three matches were the sum total of his in-ring activity in the last year. Nonetheless, HHH looked so good in those matches that there is plenty of reason to be optimistic about this match between two veterans whose bodies have likely seen better days.


Sting has also provided more reason for optimism than I would have expected when he debuted. After a silent surprise at Survivor Series and a few similarly solemn appearances, he finally told his story in a recent voiceover. Sting explained that he sees the same sort of power drunkenness in HHH that Eric Bischoff, Hulk Hogan, and others used to ruin WCW. It is a very clever story that explains why it took Sting 14 years to get to this point in the storyline- he simply wasn’t needed to rescue the company until now.


When Sting finally got in the ring for a brawl against The Authority alongisde Randy Orton, he looked athletic and spry for someone his age. Many fans have expressed concern about whether Sting and HHH have the physical capacity to work an entertaining match at this point in their careers. Based on what little we have seen from Sting and the outstanding work HHH has done in the last couple of years, there is every reason to believe they can have a very fun 15-minute match.


Prediction: Sting will win a hard-fought match that is as much about spectacle as it is about competition. It would be bizarre for Sting to come to WWE for one giant match and then lose.